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  1. Joe, I'm returning to EF after quitting in 2018 (2010-2018). So, I'm just getting around to your riveting post. I agree with you 100% as well as with most of those who've replied to you. Earlene's testimony points to a Dallas Police conspiracy. Yet I prefer the interpretation of Dr. Walt Brown (1995, Treachery in Dallas). The more likely plot scenario among rogue members of Dallas Police is a plot working closely with (or under) extremists among the Dallas right-wing. Earlene was shut out by the WC for the same reason that Silvia Odio was shut out, namely, for even suggesting that Lee Harvey Oswald (LHO) had accomplices. That's the same reason that the WC celebrated the mistaken-identity testimony given by Pamela Mumford as PROOF that LHO was on that BUS to Mexico -- i.e. that he had no accomplices. Official Mexican immigration files, however, recorded that Lee Oswald crossed the border in a passenger in a car, with two others. NO!! The WC would rather celebrate the paper thin testimony of Pamela Mumford, than let anybody even THINK that LHO had any accomplices. Hoover's Sunday mandate to his staff, and a report to the Attorney General's office, included this: "The public must be satisfied that Oswald was the assassin; that he did not have confederates who are still at large; and that evidence was such that he would have been convicted at trial" (J. Edgar Hoover, 11/25/1963). That's why the WC shut down Earlene Roberts (and others). Thanks for the interesting thread. --Paul
  2. Vince, I just finished reading your book, Survivor's Guilt (2013). I should have read it long ago. Here are just a few of my remarks: Chapter 2: A "Hot" City Goes "Cold"; No Threats. Here is the main crux of the matter, to me. The Secret Service PRS (Protective Research Section) provided three separate reports, as you said in your opening sentence. Never was any threat reported for Dallas -- where UN Ambassador Adlai Stevenson had been struck on a Dallas street, and spat upon on October 24, 1963. As Chris Cravens wrote (1993), that WANTED FOR TREASON: JFK handbill circulated around Dallas around Dallas on October 24th, also. No Dallas insider doubted where it came from. On November 8 -- only sixteen days after the Adlai scandal -- Secret Service agent Winston Lawson asked the PRS for dangerous people in Dallas. "None," was the answer. On November 10 -- Secret Service agent Roy Kellerman asked the PRS for dangerous people in Dallas. "None," was the answer. On November 22 -- Secret Service agent Rufus Youngblood asked the PRS for dangerous people in Dallas. "None," was the answer. So, where did the PRS get their information? Answer: from Dallas Secret Service staff and Dallas FBI staff. Chapter 4: The Trade Mart & The Mystery of the Motorcade Route. Dallas Secret Service agent Forrest Sorrels took a leading role in promoting the Trade Mart as the JFK speech venue. In his WC testimony, however, he claims he wanted someplace else, and Washington DC folks demanded the Trade Mart. Sorrels admitted to the WC, however, that he was the one who selected the Motorcade Route. it was the same route used by FDR and Truman, he said, except for that tricky turn down Houston and Elm. Sorrels noted that the Dallas Police quickly approved of that specific Route. Seeing the wide agreement, the Washington DC Secret Service went along with it. Chapter 5: Calling Off the Guard & Strange Omissions. Here is a clear demonstration of a Dallas-based plot, in my opinion. Sheriff Bill Decker, according to multiple reports, had ordered his Dallas Deputies to stand down during the JFK motorcade, and become mere spectators. Yet, Decker had promised the Secret Service, only one day beforehand, that he would "furnish 15 of his men for duty!" Dallas officials regularly blamed Washington DC for the lapse in JFK security, yet Dallas was the key entity that had failed in its duty. Not only the Dallas Sheriff; not only the Dallas Police -- but especially the Dallas Secret Service. It seems clear that Dallas Secret Service agent Forrest Sorrels directed the flow of information for all parties involved in the JFK motorcade in Dallas. It seems to me that deception was his main intent. Chapter 6: Security Stripping: Further Examples. Dallas Police Captain Perdue Lawrence told the WC that at 5 PM on the day before the JFK motorcade, he was ordered to a special meeting. Dallas Secret Service SAIC Forrest Sorrels was the senior officer in a room full of Chiefs. The purpose of the meeting was a change in motorcycle protection. Claiming that JFK wanted this, the Dallas Police motorcycles were instructed to "fall back" and stay to the rear of the JFK limo. Chapter 11: Roll Call of Participants: Part Two. This chapter includes a section dedicated to Dallas Secret Service agent Forrest Sorrels. Sorrels told his good buddy Orville Nix that the shots came from the Grassy Knoll. The following is what Sorrels told the Warren Commission in 1964: Soon after arriving at Parkland Hospital in Chief Curry's lead, Sorrels ordered some police to speed him back to the TSBD. Why that building? Sorrels told the WC that he just mean "that general area." When Sorrels arrived at the TSBD, he immediately went to the back entrance, and noticed it wasn't sealed off. He asked a bystander if anybody had come out the back way, and the bystander said, "No, sir!" Sorrels then demanded the TSDB supervisor, and Roy Truly was right there. Sorrels ordered Truly to get the names and contact info for every employee -- because he wanted witnesses quickly. Sorrels then rushed out the front door of the TSBD and shouted, "Who saw anything?" People quickly pointed to Howard Brennan, who had been telling policemen that he saw the man shooting the rifle in the eastmost 6th floor TSBD window. Brennan thought he might be able to identify him. Sorrels asked him for an immediate description. All Brennan could say was -- "slender with a light colored jacket." So, that's the description that Sorrels ordered the Dallas radio dispatch to tell all cars. Sorrels shouted, "Who else saw anything?" People pointed to high-school student Amos Euins. He had also seen a man shooting a rifle from the eastmost 6th floor TSBD window. But Euins said he could not tell if the man was Black or White. Sorrels took both Brennan and Euins to the Sheriff's Department, where Deputies were taking depositions from eye-witnesses. Sorrels at the Sheriff's Department met Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Roland. Roland had seen a man with a rifle and scope near the west 6th floor TSBD window. He told his wife that the man must be in the Secret Service. So he didn't tell the police. Sorrels then learned about a man from the DalTex building who had filmed the JFK head shot. His name was Abraham Zapruder. Sorrels rushed to Zapruder and got agreement to get a copy, and rushed Zapruder to Eastman Kodak to develop the film. Sorrels then called his office for the first time that afternoon -- and learned that Dallas Police Captain Will Fritz had a suspect in the JFK assassination. Sorrels rushed to the Police Department to interview the suspect -- Lee Harvey Oswald. Dallas Secret Service agent Forrest Sorrels had clearly played a major role in the events of 11/22/1963. He seems to have touched all the key bases. The motorcade route, the lead car, Parkland Hospital, the TSBD, key witnesses, and face time with Lee Harvey Oswald. Yet, as you pointed out on page 305, Vince, the FBI got a call on 11/27/1963 from a woman who had heard a recent speech by Forrest Sorrels at her Lady's Club. She told the FBI that Sorrels was, "definitely anti-government, against the Kennedy administration, and she felt his position was against the security of not only the President but the United States." This is why, Vince, I hope to see even more research into Forrest Sorrels. He seems to be very near the center of the cyclone. All best, --Paul
  3. Bill, Jason Ward and I have a web site in which we have been developing the WC testimony of Dallas Police, Deputies, and the Dallas FBI and Dallas Secret Service. Here it is: https://www.ciadidnotkilljfk.com/ Forrest Sorrels is, in my current reading, the dirtiest of office holders in Dallas, vis-a-vis the JFK Assassination. The White House Secret Service relied almost entirely on the local Dallas Secret Service agent, Forrest Sorrels, for their perception of Dallas -- and IMHO he deliberately deceived them in coordination with FBI agent James Hosty, Robert Alan Surrey and Ex-General Edwin Walker (to name a few). All best, --Paul
  4. Joe, By the numbers again -- (1) The person who actually struck Adlai Stevenson on the head with her poster was a well dressed older woman. When Adlai asked her why she did it, her reply was, "Well, everybody else here knows why -- why don't you know?" The key in my opinion is that Dallas was itself a bastion of the Radical Right. Oil billionaire H.L. Hunt was a heavy financier of the John Birch Society. Another Dallas socialite on Radical Right was the academic giant, Robert Morris, president of the University of Dallas (who was a former attorney supporting Joe McCarthy, and saw Communists everywhere in Washington DC). To be inside respectable Dallas Society, one had to be close to the Radical Right! "Everybody else here knows why" that woman bopped Adlai on the head in Dallas on 10/24/1963. For Forrest Sorrels to claim that there were no dangerous people in Dallas -- after witnessing the "WANTED FOR TREASON: JFK" handbills circulating around Dallas -- not just on 11/22/1963, but also on 10/24/1963 (says Chris Cravens, 1991) -- he would have to be inside the JFK plot. I see no other explanation. (2) Remember that FBI HQ didn't originally assign James Hosty to Lee Harvey Oswald -- they assigned Hosty to General Walker. Hosty admits this on page 4 of his book, "Assignment Oswald" (1996). Yet Hosty spent much of 1963 asking the FBI to assign Oswald to him -- and they resisted for months. Why would Hosty do this? In my reading, it is because he had turned and had begun to follow General Walker. In my reading, General Walker hated the fact that a Marine "defector" to the USSR returned to Walker's home town, Dallas, with a Russian wife! Walker couldn't sleep at night. Hosty bothered Belmont and Hoover for months -- until they relented and let Hosty track Oswald. And when he did, he fed all his data to Walker, and only a little to the FBI HQ. That's my reading. In my opinion, Sorrels and Hosty are two of the dirtiest characters in the Dallas JFK plot. Lucky for us -- history has given us their Warren Commission testimony. For 55 years CTers have been looking in the wrong places, trying to blame the CIA, the Mafia, Hoover, LBJ and anybody except the Dallas Radical Right -- who have been in plain sight for 55 years. (3) It seems amazing -- but the evidence convinces me -- the Secret Service from the White House in Washington DC relied so heavily on Forrest Sorrels and James Hosty -- that they neglected their own Standard Operating Procedures. In my reading, Sorrels and Hosty were both working for the interests of General Walker -- the good pal of H.L. Hunt and Robert Morris -- with underlings like Wade, Curry, Decker, Fritz, and many of their men, ready, willing and able -- right there at Dealey Plaza -- a famous Dallas killing floor. (4) Yes, the Warren Commission counted Carolyn Walther, Arnold and Mrs. Roland, Mrs. Cabell, Amos Euins and Howard Brennan among those who saw one or more men with rifles, and one or more rifles, on the 6th floor of the TxSBD building. Yet there were also multiple Dallas Police stationed right there at that intersection of Houston and Elm -- and nearly a dozen Dallas Deputies watching the motorcade on the sidewalk outside their offices at Main and Houston -- with the TxSBD building in plain sight for 20 minutes. Just like Forrest Sorrels, they claimed they saw nothing at all.
  5. Joe, by the numbers again: 1. Thanks for raising Dallas Deputy Roger Craig in this context. Despite problems, I accept most of his testimony. Yes, Sheriff Decker was involved up to his neck. He expected total obedience from his men, and he got it. After all, he was the man who got Bonnie and Clyde. He was a legend in Dallas. Nobody was going to cross him -- except Roger Craig. In my humble opinion, Craig was killed by the same Dallas plotters who killed JFK. 2. In my opinion, Decker and Hosty were among the super right-wing residents of Dallas. They were very close to Dallas socialites like H.L. Hunt and Robert Morris. Both of these men were tireless supporters of General Walker (whom JFK and RFK had sent to an insane asylum). 3. Not only did Decker and Hosty see the "Wanted For Treason: JFK" handbills on October 24th and November 22nd, but they knew very well that Robert Alan Surrey was the publisher. The Warren Commission made that fact perfectly plain. There is no way that high-ranking officials in Dallas could have been ignorant of that fact. Penn Jones, Jr. wrote that Robert Alan Surrey told him personally that Dallas FBI agent James Hosty had been his Bridge partner for years. 4. The Secret Service from the White House came to Dallas in mid-November to meet with Forrest Sorrels to discuss JFK's Security. Winston Lawson was the point man from the White House. He could not *believe* that Dallas had zero people dangerous to JFK. He worked for 48 hours to confirm this. However, the Dallas plotters knew the White House PRS better than the PRS did. The Dallas plotters knew that the PRS got its data *only* from the local FBI. With James Hosty on their side, they could feed the PRS any deception they wanted. That's what happened. After Forrest Sorrels told Winston Lawson that there were no dangerous people in Dallas, Lawson told Sorrels, "Well, I'm calling the PRS right now, Forrest!" So he called the PRS, and the PRS replied, "Well, we have no dangerous people on file for Dallas!" So, Lawson accepted this. Still, Forrest Sorrels went through the motions for another 48 hours. He called the Sheriff of Denton, Texas, because some of the student protesters against Adlai on October 24th went to college there. They got an inside informant in Denton, they got the Dallas Police involved, and the Editor of the Dallas Times Herald. They collated photographs of all those student protesters, and they sent the photographs to the Secret Service at the Trade Mart. Come on. Sorrels knew very well that he was just wasting time. But it completely fooled Winston Lawson! 5. You're absolutely right about the lack of manpower in protecting JFK. Actually, many Federal Agencies called Forrest Sorrels from Washington DC, including the FBI, the Secret Service and the CIA, and offered to help in JFK's protection. Forrest Sorrels turned them all down flat. Sorrels told them that the Dallas Police were all the protection he needed for JFK in Dallas. 6. Just a little more help in watching JFK would have made all the difference. As you said, plenty of people in Dealey Plaza saw a man (or men) with rifles up in TSBD windows. Photographs released two years ago (10/26/2017) reveal heavily armed Dallas Police and Deputies in many other windows in Dealey Plaza. In fact, Mrs. Earle Cabell herself, riding in the motorcade, testified to the WC that she herself saw rifle sticking out of a window of the TSBD! Yet as Mr. Arnold Roland and his wife testified -- after Roland saw a man in a high TSBD window with a rifle with a scope on it -- he told his wife, "That must be the Secret Service!" No Dallas citizens would suspect the Dallas Police or Deputies of anything illegal. Dealey Plaza was filled with Dallas Deputies, because that was where the County Jail was located. Deputies were the first to arrive at the Grassy Knoll -- just running there. They were all around. But nobody would ever suspect them -- not for a half-century!
  6. Joe, By the numbers: 1. I interpret James Hosty having lunch during the JFK motorcade as a sign of his contempt for JFK. He claimed he loved JFK (Assignment Oswald, 1996) but he had to say something to his son, who helped him write his book. His son probably didn't want to hear how much Hosty liked General Walker and Robert Alan Surrey. In my reading, James Hosty "turned" in order to follow them. They belonged to high Dallas society along with H.L. Hunt and Robert Morris. All these people despised JFK. 2. Hosty repeatedly insisted (Assignment Oswald, 1996) that he had no role at all in the JFK visit. It wasn't the FBI job to protect JFK -- that was the Secret Service's job. Alan Belmont said that. J. Edgar Hoover said that. They'd never allow the FBI to take the blame for the JFK Assassination. The Secret Service was to blame 100%. This got James Hosty off the hook, personally, but only for the Warren Hearings. After that, Hoover demoted Hosty. 3. Yes, yes, yes -- if Hosty really wanted to do his job as an FBI agent -- and if Hosty truly loved JFK as he claimed he did -- then his behavior on 11/22/1963 would have been far different. Hosty's blame of the Secret Service for the JFK killing is a major signal. In my opinion, it tells us that Hosty cared very little for JFK -- and even supported JFK's enemies in Dallas. 4. Catholic or no Catholic, in my opinion, James Hosty hated JFK. Hosty had joined the other side -- the Dallas Radical Right. So, he was already a traitor to JFK, and that was one reason why Hosty could not bear to look upon JFK and Jackie. Not only because his new "bosses" sorely hated JFK, but because he knew in his inner heart that he was doing the wrong thing by turning on the White House. 5. As for Jack Ruby, the bizarre Dallas pimp, I see no role for him in the JFK Assassination. (Jack Ruby was one player in the murder of Lee Harvey Oswald -- an entirely different crime.) According to newsman Seth Kantor, the Dallas pimp Jack Ruby was conflicted inside himself on multiple counts. The reason that Ruby couldn't bear to watch the JFK parade was buried deep within his wounded soul. All best, --Paul
  7. Vincent, Extremely interesting material. I should have obtained your first book long ago. I fixed that tonight with an amazon order. I'm impressed by your citation of White House Secret Service (SS) Inspector Thomas Kelley, which came to us through the FBI, five days after the JFK Assassination, at 10:30 AM. Some woman, who refused to give her name, said she had attended several Dallas speeches by Forrest Sorrels. She said that Sorrels showed no inclination to protect JFK. She said Sorrels was plainly "against the Kennedy administration." Evidently she was a Democrat, because she said that she considered Sorrels' attitude to be seditious. It is riveting that Inspector Kelly of the SS was willing to nail Forrest Sorrels of the SS, only five days after the JFK Assassination. One gathers that Sorrels was not beloved in Washington DC in late November 1963. This is the sort of material that I'm looking for -- evidence to align Forrest Sorrels with the Dallas Radical Right! Sorrels had lived in Dallas full-time since 1941 as SAC of the Dallas office of the Secret Service. This means that Sorrels (who was no dummy) was aware of the prevalent politics of Dallas, from society men such as H.L. Hunt, all the way down to former jailbirds like Ex-General Edwin Walker. In his book, Assignment Oswald (1996), Dallas FBI agent James Hosty (who'd served in Dallas since 1953) admits on page 4 that his FBI assignment was to watch right-wingers -- including "General Walker and his Minutemen" in Dallas. Walker had moved to Dallas in 1961, very likely upon the invitations of H.L. Hunt and the segregationist Reverend Billy James Hargis. Still, that was plenty of time for Hosty -- as well as Sorrels -- to become charmed by General Walker, as were so many on the Dallas (and US) Radical Right. My hunch is that Sorrels was closer to James Hosty than he let the WC attorneys know. Both were closer to General Walker than either told the WC. Yet first I must establish that Sorrels was in the anti-JFK camp. We get hints of it in his WC testimony, when he referred to JFK as "Mister Kennedy," exactly as the DMN Black-bordered Ad referred to JFK on 11/22/1963. But nothing I've seen to date has equaled your citation. Anyway, back to White House SS Inspector Thomas Kelley. I'd known him only from his Warren Commission (WC) testimony (which is so boring). Kelley told the WC about his participation in planning onsite re-enactment tests at Dealey Plaza on 24 May 1964. These were photos taken from the TSDB 6th floor (CE 875) showing a test car, instant-by-instant, as it drove down Elm Street from Houston Street. Your report by him, from December 2, 1963, never came up in the WC Hearings, you can bet on that. Yet the one thing that US History has shown since Jim Garrison -- “The Warren Report does not stand!” It is significant that Forrest Sorrels refused to speak with the HSCA in 1979, and refused to speak with you about the JFK Assassination in 1992. Perhaps that was one symptom of his Survivor's Guilt. Many thanks.
  8. Hi David, Thanks for your interesting information about Dallas Secret Service agent Forrest Sorrels. I clicked on the link you provided, and I read the parts you cited, and a bit earlier and later. GREAT DOCUMENT. Here's some of my feedback: 1. Sorrels' refusal to talk with the HSCA is valuable information, IMHO. 2. I'm not interested in Jack Ruby. IMHO Ruby was an afterthought for the JFK plotters, because Oswald was supposed to be killed in Oak Cliff -- not J.D. Tippit. 3. I'm not interested in the Cellar Coffee House scandal of the Secret Service. IMHO -- having read all their WC testimony -- the White House detail of the Secret Service pursued business as usual. 3.1. The Secret Service Protective Research Section (PRS) had done its job of meeting with the Dallas FBI to identify dangerous people in Dallas -- and they found none. 3.2. On November 14, in Dallas, SS agent Winston Lawson pushed Sorrels even harder, since he remembered the Adlai Stevenson incident in Dallas -- ONLY THREE WEEKS BEFORE. 3.3. IMHO, Sorrels gave Lawson a wild goose chase -- helping out the Dallas Radical Right. 4. I was very interested in Sorrel's memo of November 28, 1963 (p. 120). I searched for this on my own (because it is cited in his WC testimony) -- and then I read your post. Thank you. It's valuable because Sorrel's WC testimony repeats this memo almost word for word. His WC testimony was clearly rehearsed. 5. I was also very interested in that March 23, 1964 memo by Leon Hubert and Burt Griffin. I was amazed that Sorrels told Griffin almost EXACTLY what he told the WC on May 6th and 7th. He practically read a script! 6. BINGO on the combination of the names of Sorrels and Hosty in the Hubert/Griffin memo (p. 122). This is the beginning of what I'm seeking. I want more like this! 6.1. As for the "ill will" between the DPD and the FBI, it was obvious given the scandal that hit the Dallas newspapers with regard to Lieutenant Jack Revill accusing Hosty of admitting to him privately that the FBI knew that Oswald was a Communist, dangerous, and working in the TSBD -- but refused to share that data with anybody. There was but violence. 6.2. Yet I remain suspicious that Sorrels and Hosty would suddenly become distant after the JFK Assassination. IMHO they cooperated very tightly before the JFK Assassination (though this was their dark secret, IMHO). 6.3. So, I'm looking for any evidence that shows them working together from 1953 to 1963, while they were both living in Dallas, working for Washington DC in their current (1963) jobs. 6.4. Nevertheless, it is amusing to read about Sorrels trashing Hosty -- calling him: "brusque," "supercilious" and "distrustful." 6.5. Sorrels merely repeated the scandal of Lt. Revill when he spoke of Hosty's plan to claim "too busy" if confronted with Lt. Revill's accusations on the stand. 6.6. It is very interesting that Griffin would ask Sorrels if Hosty would just "fabricate" answers to the WC. In this memo, Griffin seems to distrust Hosty -- and seems to want to drive a wedge between Sorrels and Hosty. 6.7. In my opinion, Sorrels was way ahead of Griffin. Sorrels made up stuff about his good pal Hosty (IMHO) to pacify Griffin, perhaps. Griffin told his superiors that he got "objective" data from Sorrels. I'm afraid that Sorrels danced circles around Griffin. 6.8. Certainly Sorrels was spot on that Hosty was the "fall guy" for the FBI. The FBI backed Hosty all the way during the WC Hearings. But soon after the WC Hearings were over, Hosty was demoted down to "stolen car" duty in Kansas City! 6.9. Partly for this reason, I believe, Hosty trashed J. Edgar Hoover, Alan Belmont, the FBI, the CIA and the State Department for covering up the "real truth" about the JFK Assassination, namely, his CT of a Communist Plot between Lee Harvey Oswald and KGB assassin Valeriy Kostikov! 6.10. That's the very theme of his book, Assignment Oswald (1996), and it harmonizes with the Dallas Radical Right CT song, chord by musical chord. 7. Sorrels memo to SS Inspector Kelly, of May 19, 1964, (pp. 117-119) only twelve days after his WC testimony, is again almost EXACTLY what he told the WC. It seems scripted. Like he worked with somebody. Thanks again.
  9. Thanks, Joe. I like your line of thought here. I'm seeking data that links Hosty and Sorrels, here. I think they worked together -- and any data that can show how closely they worked together from 1953 to 1963 in Dallas would be very interesting to me. I didn't see your earlier post, however, about, Hosty saying, "We had three of them -- Ford, Russell, and..." What was the question Hosty was answering? I agree that Hosty was more faithful to others than to his WC oath -- but I don't think the others were the FBI. Hosty totally trashes the FBI in his book, Assignment Oswald (1996). Instead, I think that James Hosty was "turned" by Robert Alan Surrey -- publisher of the WANTED FOR TREASON: JFK handbill that circulated around Dallas starting on October 24th, when Adlai Stevenson came to Dallas. Hosty was loyal to the Dallas Radical Right. I think I can show that. Next I want to show that Forrest Sorrels was ALSO loyal to the Dallas Radical Right.
  10. I find Dallas FBI agent James Hosty's 1964 Warren Commission testimony strangely inconsistent with his 1996 book, Assignment Oswald (1996). Yet, if Dallas FBI agent James Hosty is suspicious, then Dallas Secret Service agent Forrest Sorrels is equally so. James Hosty began his full-time FBI work in Dallas in 1953. Forrest Sorrels began his full-time Secret Service work in Dallas in 1941. The first month that Hosty moved to Dallas, he met his counterpart -- Forrest Sorrels, who had already been living in Dallas for a dozen years. They had worked closely for ten years before JFK made his fateful visit. The key question -- repeated more than a dozen times in WC testimony of at least four high-level witnesses, was this: "How could the FBI fail to inform the Washington DC Secret Service about dangerous people in Dallas?" James Hosty's response was -- "Oswald didn't look dangerous to the FBI." Yet, when asked why Hosty had tracked Oswald for most of 1963, Hosty replied, "Oswald looked dangerous to the FBI." In a bizarre comedy, both J. Edgar Hoover and Alan Belmont supported James Hosty -- in both responses! Now -- if Dallas FBI agent James Hosty is suspicious, then Dallas Secret Service agent Forrest Sorrels is equally so. They were both experts in the politics of Dallas, as well as in the criminal element of Dallas. Neither one was a dummy. So, I ask the Forum. Who has researched Forrest Sorrels deeply?
  11. Hi Pamela, I wouldn't use the word "pushing" here. I find plenty of evidence for claiming that the theme of V.V. Kostikov and his alleged plot with Lee Harvey Oswald to assassinate JFK is repeated continually in Hosty's text in Assignment Oswald (1996). I'll illustrate by citing just a few pages which reference Kostikov: page 48 LATE OCTOBER 1963 . Jeff Woolsey, Immigration Naturalization Services (INS) asked Hosty: "How about Oswald in Mexico City contacting the Russians?" . Hosty cites an FBI memo of 10/18/1963 citing earlier CIA records, saying that Oswald was in Mexico City and contacted Valerie Kostikov, a known KGB agent. . Hosty asks himself, "Who is the world is Valerie Kostikov?" page 70 MONDAY 25 NOVEMBER 1963 . Hosty asks himself, "Did the CIA fail to share data with the FBI?" . CIA agent Kyle Clark says to FBI manager Ken Howe: "Kostikov was going to..." - Just then James Hosty walked in the room, and Clark cut short his sentence and hurried out. . Hosty asks himself, "Kostikov, again? Who was he and what was going on?" page 109 WEDNESDAY 25 MARCH 1964 . Hosty asks himself, "How did this USSR Embassy official, Valerie Kostikov, fit into the JFK assassination?" page 139 TUESDAY 05 MAY 1964 -- 09:00 . Hosty says, "Someone had removed the two USSR communiques from FBI headquarters about Oswald and Kostikov: (1) the October 18, 1963 FBI memo citing CIA records about Oswald and Kostikov; and (2) the November 9, 1963 communique that Oswald had written to the USSR Embassy in Washington DC, admitting that he had contacted Kostikov." page 140 TUESDAY 05 MAY 1964 -- 14:30 . Hosty says, "I told Forrest Sorrells about the two missing FBI documents." . Hosty says, "Alan Belmont exclaimed, 'I told them never to let you see that!" . Hosty asks again: "Who was Kostikov?" page 175-176 EARLY JUNE 1967 -- 10:30 . Hosty writes that Simon Tulai, a young FBI trainee, told him that, 'The WC had steered away from the fact that when Oswald was in Mexico City in October 1963, he had met with Valerie Kostikov, the KGB assassin.' . Hosty writes, "So, FBI HQ knew this and failed to tell me! Now everything made sense!" page 205-207 FRIDAY 12 DECEMBER 1975 -- 14:00 Edward Epstein of the Frank Church Committee charged Hosty directly: 'How can you defend the fact that you knew about Kostikov, the KGB assassin?' . Hosty replied, "I did not know it in 1963! - FBI HQ admitted my innocence! - The FBI was really to blame for keeping me in the dark! - The WC never asked me that question! - Paul Wallach told me that the FBI knew in the summer of 1963 that Kostikov was a KGB assassin!" page 215 SUNDAY 11 SEPTEMBER 1977 -- 09:30 Hosty writes: . During October 1963, Oswald told Cuban Embassy officials that he was "going to kill that son-of-a-bitch" Kennedy. . The next day, he claims, Oswald met Valerie Kostikov. . "Kostikov used Mexican thugs to commit political murders in Mexico City." . "The FBI and CIA watched Kostikov, but failed to pin anything on him." . "From what I have been able to learn from my source, Oswald had a clandestine meeting with Valerie Kostikov at an undisclosed restaurant near a fountain in Mexico City." page 216 TO THE HSCA: . "When Ivan Obeyov asked LHO who he was working for in the USSR Embassy, Oswald told him, Valerie Kostikov." page 217 . When the CIA notified the FBI of Oswald's contact with Kostikov, and when Oswald sent the USSR Embassy in Washington DC about it, that data was routed by the FBI to the FBI Division 5 for National Security. . However, it was not until 11/22/1963 that the FBI realized what this meant. page 232 NOVEMBER 1977 -- 09:00 . Hosty tells HSCA officer Gary Cornwell: "If there was a JFK plot, it started in Mexico City, not in NOLA." . Hosty then explained to Cornwell about Oswald and Kostikov. page 244 . Hosty: "FBI Director Clarence Kelly -- and later FBI Director William Webster -- both ruled that I was innocent in the JFK assassination." . Hosty: "They both admitted that the FBI failed to give me data about Oswald and Valerie Kostikov." For more information about this interesting saga about James Hosty, I refer the reader to his book, Assignment Oswald (1996) and to his index there, under the name, "Kostikov." Hosty admits that he told the HSCA about his Oswald-Kostikov theory of the JFK Assassination. I will comment on his HSCA deposition in the days to come. Regards, --Paul
  12. Thanks, Michael, for verifying my claim here. I will make a further claim. James Hosty would "unequivocally deny ever having made the statement to Lieutenant Revill or to anyone else that, 'We knew Lee Harvey Oswald was capable of assassinating the President of the United States, we didn't dream he would do it.' " In that denial, Hosty merely denied stating those exact words. I believe Hosty there, because newspaper journalists sometimes make stuff up when they don't have the exact wording. Besides, Dallas Police Lieutenant Jack Revill never said at any time, in writing or in WC testimony, that James Hosty ever said those exact words. Actually, let's look at the letter that Jack Revill wrote to his boss, less than four hours after the JFK Assassination. This letter is CE 709. November 22, 1963 Captain W.P. Gannaway Special Service Bureau Subject: Lee Harvey Oswald 605 Elsbeth Street Sir: On November 22, 1963, at approximately 2:50 PM, the undersigned officer met Special Agent James Hosty of the Federal Bureau of Investigation in the basement of the City Hall. At that time Special Agent Hosty related to this officer that the Subject was a member of the Communist Party, and that he was residing in Dallas. The Subject was arrested for the murder of Officer J.D. Tippit and is a prime suspect in the assassination of President Kennedy. The information regarding the Subject’s affiliation with the Communist Party is the first information this officer has received from the Federal Bureau of Investigation regarding same. Agent Hosty further stated that the Federal Bureau of Investigation was aware of the Subject and that they had information that this Subject was capable of committing the assassination of President Kennedy. Respectfully submitted, Jack Revill, Lieutenant Criminal Intelligence Section Now, there are two obvious problems with this memo -- and both were brought up by J. Lee Rankin, grilling Revill on the hot seat. First, the address of Lee Harvey Oswald (LHO) is an old address, not current as of November 22, 1963, when this memo was written. Revill explained that while writing this memo, he received word from various Dallas Police that LHO was at that moment in custody in that building, and that this was the latest address that they had for LHO. Also, Hosty had only said that LHO was a "Communist," and not that LHO was a "member of the Communist Party," as Revill wrote. That was an error that any non-expert could make. Now, the WC attorneys and members frequently asked J. Edgar Hoover and Alan Belmont (as well as James Hosty) why the FBI had failed to warn the Washington DC Secret Service about LHO before JFK's trip to Dallas. Their answer was unanimous -- they had no information that LHO was dangerous. Yet when they were also asked why the FBI saw fit to track LHO throughout most of 1963 they unanimously said that they thought LHO was dangerous!
  13. That's interesting, Pamela. Have you read Assignment Oswald (1996) by James Hosty? Do you agree that this conspiracy theory by James Hosty appears in the book from the first chapter to the last chapter?
  14. Hi Pamela, I have two specific questions for you -- a scholar who has interviewed James Hosty personally. 1. What is your opinion about Dallas Police Lieutenant Jack Revill, who claimed in WC testimony, and in a 11/22/1963 memo to his boss, Captain Gannaway, that James Hosty told him personally on 11/22/1963 that the FBI knew that LHO was a danger to JFK, but held this back from Revill and others pledged to protect JFK? 2. What is your opinion about James Hosty's conspiracy theory about Soviet Embassy consul Kostikov and Lee Oswald in a plot to kill JFK? All best, --Paul
  15. Hi Pam, Over the years of this thread, I've done further reading and research. Chris Newton changed my approach quite a bit when he found for everybody that 10/18/1963 FBI memo that James Hosty (Assignment Oswald, 1996) claimed that he saw just a few days after it was published. Here it is: https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=61074&search=Kostikov_and+Cable+and+orleans#relPageId=3&tab=page So -- I had to take back my claim that the FBI memo never existed. I'm not embarrassed, and I thanked Chris Newton back then, and I thank him today, too. It was a great find. Since the JFK Records Act fulfillment, furthermore, we've seen the supporting CIA documents of 10/8/1963 and 10/10/1963 that were the likely source of that FBI memo of 10/18/1963. Here they are: https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=56489#relPageId=2&tab=page https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=111688#relPageId=2&tab=page Yet I must revive Bill Simpich's State Secret (2014) again. That 10/18/1963 document called LHO, "Lee Henry Oswald". Bill Simpich gave us a solid explanation for that middle name -- and he called it a CIA Mole Hunt. Furthermore, the CIA document of 10/8/1963 described LHO as "Apparent age, 35, athletic build, circa 6 feet…balding top." Well, LHO was 23 years old, he had plenty of hair, he wasn't circa 6 feet, nor did he have an athletic build (he was 132 pounds at the time). However, we all remember the picture of that large Russian dude in LHO's 201 file at the CIA, the one who matched that description. Again, Bill Simpich gave us a solid explanation for the picture of the large Russian dude in LHO's 201 file -- and he called it a CIA Mole Hunt. My claims are now more modest -- but I also rely more on Bill Simpich as well as the material record. For some reason, Dallas FBI James Hosty in 1996 wrote a JFK CT book (Assignment Oswald), claiming that the Communists killed JFK, in an unholy conspiracy between KGB agent Valeriy Kostikov and Lee Harvey Oswald. (He added that the FBI, CIA and State Department all conspired to prevent him from seeing this fact.) It is no accident, I now claim, that James Hosty's CT would closely match General Walker's CT of the JFK assassination -- a Communist plot. I'm now trying to decide -- was James Hosty working directly for General Walker and Robert Allen Surrey -- or did Walker and Surrey just run circles around Hosty, to hopelessly confuse him? Getting back to Bill Simpich and his Mole Hunt -- I am riveted on this Telephone Impersonation of LHO at the Cuban Consulate on 10/1/1963, calling the Soviet Embassy. It was not LHO. I take that as established. The CIA started a Mole Hunt. I take that as established. The Mole Hunt included many alterations of LHO's 201 file, including: a new middle name "Henry," for LHO, and a new photograph of some large Russian dude instead of 23 year old LHO. I take all that as established. Then -- on 10/8/1963, the CIA published a memo calling LHO, "Lee Henry Oswald." What's that about? Then -- on 10/10/1963, the CIA published a memo describing LHO as age 35, circa 6 feet, athletic build, balding top. What's that about? This is relevant to any discussion of James Hosty, IMHO, because Hosty continually referred to these and similar documents as his motivation for his Communists-did-it CT. Comments? All best, --Paul
  16. Well, it's been two and a half years since I started this thread. I am returning to it for a number of reasons. First, I want to emphasize that I challenged writers here to produce the 10/18/1963 CIA memo that James Hosty claimed that he saw (cf. page 48 of his book, Assignment Oswald (1996). Within a couple of weeks, Chris Newton produced that CIA memo. Great work, I said, and still say. In the interim (in other threads on this Forum) I have moved on to the book by Oleg Nechiporenko, Passport to Assassination: The Never-Before-Told Story of Lee Harvey Oswald by the KGB Colonel Who Knew Him (1993), which I find believable. Now, Nechiporenko claims that he worked alongside Valery Kostikov in Mexico City. He admits they were both in the KGB. He also says that he and Kostikov reluctantly met with this "neurotic" guy named Lee Harvey Oswald," who behaved very erratically, returning to their offices again and again, crying tears and brandishing a loaded pistol (which they gently removed from his hand, and removed the bullets). This changes my theory substantially -- but does not erase it. I now propose: 1. James Hosty told the truth about about the 10/18/1963 CIA memo that INS agent Jeff Woolsey accidentally told him about -- but could not show him, which claimed that LHO met with Kostikov in Mexico City on 9/28/1963. Hosty urgently asked the New Orleans FBI if they heard anything about it, and they sent Hosty the memo directly. This was in late October, 1963, he said -- just days before he would visit Ruth Paine to ask about -- not LHO, he said, but Marina Oswald. (Yet, as Ruth Paine testified, Hosty asked her several questions about LHO, and almost none about Marina Oswald -- after all, she had just delivered a baby.) 2. James Hosty told the truth -- that LHO really had met Kostikov, and Kostikov was KGB, as Nechiporenko admitted in 1993. 3. Nevertheless -- I return to my original suspicion -- that the harsh judgment which tried to link LHO to the KGB was more than a paranoia -- it was a deliberate conspiracy. 4. It was a conspiracy, because somebody OTHER THAN LHO had telephoned the Soviet Embassy on October 1st, from the most wiretapped telephone on earth -- the Mexico City line between the Cuban Consulate and the Soviet Embassy in Mexico City. 5. That person was not LHO, as the CIA immediately recognized (within 15 minutes, according to Bill Simpich). 6. So, somebody was trying to frame LHO in Mexico City -- even though LHO (as a fool) really DID meet with Kostikov, and there really was a CIA memo about it, dated 10/18/1963 -- naming LHO "Lee HENRY Oswald," just as Bill Simpich (2014) said the CIA Mole Hunt had set up, in order to catch the Insider who had impersonated LHO. CONCLUSION: I don't need the 10/18/1963 memo to be fake, or the meeting with Kostikov to be fake, in order to agree with Bill Simpich that the LHO was impersonated over the telephone in Mexico City, and the CIA has ample record of the fact. Now -- the real question is what this means about James Hosty's claim (which aligns with Edwin Lopez) that since LHO met with Kostikov in Mexico City, this makes it 100% certain that the Communists used LHO to assassinate JFK. I will continue to argue my main point -- that the guilty parties in the JFK Assassination were those who claimed that LHO was an actual Communist (when the FBI brass J. Edgar Hoover and Alan Belmont knew, and testified to the Warren Commission, that LHO was never a Communist). Somebody was sending false information to the CIA and to the FBI that LHO was a dangerous Communist -- as early as 9/28/1963. The culprits? General Walker and Robert Alan Surrey, first and foremost. Secondly, Dallas Police and Sheriff leaders. Thirdly -- James Hosty and Forrest Sorrels, along with yet unnamed Rightist sympathizers inside the FBI and CIA. The plot remains thick. All best, --Paul Trejo
  17. Cory, The photos are stills from the well-known Bell Film, showing the Dallas Records Building as JFK drove by. What the new release shows is the larger exposure of those same photos, showing the second story of the Dallas Records Building as JFK drove by. For 55 years, NARA has distributed the cut photo, showing only the first floor of the Dallas Records Building as JFK drove by. Finally -- after 10/26/2017, we can see the second story. The second story shows two gunmen with rifles standing at the windows of the Dallas Records Building as JFK drove by. Jason Ward carefully expanded the photos, to show the arm insignia of a Dallas Deputy and a Dallas Policeman on these figures. It was also in the Bell Film, IIRC, that Joseph Milteer shows his own smiling face. Jeff Caufield linked Joseph Milteer with Guy Banister and General Walker thoroughly in his 2015 book. Perhaps Jason will read this thread and share the photos. I'm photo challenged, and don't have much time now. By the way, Cory, if you have some recent FBI releases about Walker and Milteer -- would you please share them here? If Jason doesn't share the photos here, soon, I will try to do so by this weekend. All best, --Paul
  18. Mervyn, My theory about Jack Ruby is entirely summarized by Seth Kantor, a reporter who was also a witness for the Warren Commission. His book is entitled, Who Was Jack Ruby (1978). Have you read it? Kantor had known Jack Ruby in Dallas for years. Kantor is a reliable witness, in my view. He swore under oath that he saw Jack Ruby at Parkland Hospital within minutes after JFK was killed. I believe him. The Warren Commission did not believe him. Anyway -- to make a long story short -- Seth Kantor says that Jack Ruby was too scatter-brained to be trusted in any conspiracy to assassinate a President. HOWEVER -- Jack Ruby's brain was also pliable enough so that these Dallas Police and Deputies whom Jack had befriended, could prevail upon him to kill Lee Harvey Oswald for them. Seth Kantor was yet one more Dallas resident who suspected the Rightists among the Dallas Police and Deputies as central to the JFK assassination. Not side players -- but the core players -- the planners and executors. Insofar as any outside players were involved, they were subordinate to these local, Dallas residents --- who did not need outside players. The best shooters in the world lived in Dallas. The most dedicated Rightists in the world lived in Dallas. (The real pity is that Washington DC did not know this. It was the duty of the Dallas FBI to keep the Washington Secret Service apprised of this -- and the Warren Commission volumes are filled with admissions that the Dallas FBI dropped the ball in this regard.) Anyway -- Seth Kantor maintains that Jack Ruby had no clue about the JFK assassination. None at all. But when his "friends" among the Dallas Deputies and Police prevailed upon him to kill Lee Harvey Oswald in custody -- promising him a "slap on the wrist," and even public heroism -- Jack Ruby couldn't resist. This is the opinion of Seth Kantor, a Dallas reporter who knew Jack Ruby for years, and saw Jack Ruby at Parkland on the day of the JFK shooting. I find Seth Kantor to be entirely believable. What about you? Regards, --Paul Trejo
  19. Hi Cory, I've been away from the Education Forum for the better part of a year. I've been following only snippets from the release of records of President Bush's 1992 JFK Records Act deadline, i.e. October 26, 2017. Some of the most interesting records releases include never-seen-before photographic evidence of armed Dallas Deputies and Police at the DalTex building, snooping out of windows as JFK passed by. Have you seen that? This speaks directly to my long-time CT of a Radical Right conspiracy in Dallas by Dallas residents. The most famous and vocal of those Right-wing Dallas residents was Ex-General Edwin Walker -- who had an open vendetta against JFK. Please, Cory, tell me what specific new records that you are contemplating in the 2017 JFK Records Act release. All best, --Paul
  20. Rich, I maintain that this supports my theory that the Dallas Radical Right killed JFK. I suspect as many as 12 shooters, mostly from Dallas -- all volunteers with no money allowed for any shooter. The main motivation for the shooting was therefore political and ideological. This would attract people from all over the USA, Mexico and Europe, obviously. There were dozens of players -- and the official CIA was in the dark. The FBI should have been on top of it -- and I believe the FBI knew far more about it than we have currently seen revealed. In any case -- the telling thing about Mike Mertz isn't that he was French -- but that he was ARMY. These were the guys who tried to kill De Gaulle -- one of their OWN. The US Radical Right has always been weighted with Ex-Military with strong political and ideological views on the right. Birds of a feather flock together. The Radical Right in 1963 spread from the USA through Mexico, into Europe. The main shooters in Dallas were already selected, I say, but enthusiasts from all over the planet, when they heard the rumors from the Radical Right grapevine (mainly from blabbermouth Joseph Milteer) just had to be there. For example, Lee Bowers saw two cars from out of Texas drive into the private County parking lot, with mud up to their door handles. These caught his attention because he was accustomed to seeing the regulars parked there -- all County workers, especially Deputies. This was a locked parking lot -- and the entrance was the exit. Somebody who worked for the County had to let these cars inside. They were mainly part of the background support. The Dallas boys had it all under control. The Warren Commission -- read from this perspective -- reads like a Confessional. Best regards, --Paul Trejo
  21. Rich, You've take the words of Lee Harvey Oswald (LHO) at face value. That's your error. Although LHO couldn't drive, that does NOT mean that he took the bus everywhere, even to Ex-General Walker's house for the April 10, 1963 shooting. We have Mexico City Immigration records that demonstrate that LHO rode into Mexico and out of Mexico as a passenger in a car. We have an eye-witness to a discussion between Loran Hall and Larry Howard in Southern California, making arrangements to be the chauffeurs of LHO from New Orleans to Mexico City, and then to Dallas. LHO had people drive him around. That's how he got to the Walker shooting. But Marina Oswald didn't know about these people. LHO treated Marina like a mushroom -- he kept her in the dark and fed her BS. Marina Oswald told the Warren Commission what LHO told her -- but in the case of the Walker shooting, that happened to be false information that LHO told to her. You're also mistaken about the shell recovered from the scene -- all authorities agreed that it was too mangled and fragmented to identify in the slightest. I must repeat my key theme. LHO shot at Ex-General Walker as part of a Dallas conspiracy against Walker, from the few Liberals in Dallas at the time. This included George De Mohrenschildt and Volkmar Schmidt, as well as some of their associates -- perhaps some like Michael Paine. Perhaps even Roscoe White, since his chin, neck, strong shoulders and lumpy right wrist are featured in LHO's famous Backyard Photographs. This is the best, rational explanation for this bizarre letter to Senator Frank Church by Ex-General Edwin Walker in June, 1975: http://www.pet880.com/images/19750623_EAW_to_Frank_Church.pdf Best regards, --Paul Trejo
  22. Mark, I was very busy at work yesterday, and had no time to login to the Forum to see your posts. That's the only reason I didn't make those corrections yesterday. This morning I awoke to a special message from James Gordon explaining your many complaints yesterday. That's how I found out. Anyway, I made those corrections just now. I'm trusting that this will be satisfactory. It was just a mistake, Mark. I meant nothing personal by it. Sincerely, --Paul Trejo
  23. Mark, I apologize for conflating your name with that of Michael Clark. You're right -- it was Michael Clark who posted those four CIA-did-it videos about the RFK assassination. I mistakenly assumed that you were still pressing for an RFK detour. Again, sorry for the confusion. I have changed my previous post to reflect the facts. Sincerely, --Paul Trejo
  24. Mark, I did not intend to insult you. Sorry for the confusion. I raised the issue of RFK strictly within the context of a Letter by General Walker on the week after the RFK Assassination. General Walker spoke about the assassinations of JFK and RFK, and said that if Oswald had not been freed on April 10, 1963, that both JFK and RFK would still be alive. That was the context. I was not attempting to change the topic to the details of the RFK Assassination -- nor trying to insult you. I apologize for any confusion. Sincerely, --Paul Trejo
  25. Dallas Mayor Earle Cabell has had no place on this thread so far simply because Earle Cabell gave the WC so little information. Jim Garrison considered Earle Cabell interesting mainly because his brother, Charles Cabell was a ranking officer of the CIA. In Garrison's late CIA-did-it CT, he naturally named the Cabell brothers, because JFK had fired Charles Cabell after the Bay of Pigs screw-up. IMHO, Charles Cabell bore a great deal of the blame for the Bay of Pigs, so JFK dealt correctly. In any case, I would be astonished if Dallas Mayor Earle Cabell wasn't an informant for the CIA, mainly because he was Mayor of Dallas, and only secondarily because his brother had a high post in the CIA. A Dallas Mayor (like many big City Mayors) has access to lots of Big Business and International secrets. In any case, like Jason Ward, I am moved to ask -- that and what else? When I watch the video of JFK and Jackie getting off the airplane at Love Field, and watching how obsequious Earle Cabell behaves while shaking JFK's hand, I also suspect that Earle Cabell knew very well what Walker, Surrey, Decker, Fritz, Hosty, Sorrells, Curry, Westbrook and Holmes had planned. However, my suspicion does not amount to material evidence. Regards, --Paul Trejo
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