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Robert and Marina's affair(?)

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Through my line of work, I got to meet Marina's ex-boyfriend and business manager Jim Martin. A few days ago, I was looking over Judyth's posts and found her accusation that Robert Oswald and Marina Oswald had an affair a few weeks after Lee was killed and that it was hushed up because Robert didn't want his family to know.

Well, since Jim was her boyfriend at the time this supposedly occurred, I figured maybe he could shed a little light on the situation. And he wrote back a long missive. Apparently, others have been asking, too.

To all who asked me:

Marina Prusakova and Robert Oswald had an affair. I witnessed it occurring as my own relationship with her broke down. This was only a few weeks after Lee was shot by Jack Ruby. He must be rolling over in his grave.

Robert was trying to help Marina make herself heard. Marina told him, in my presence, that Lee was caught between two powers - the government and organized crime. When she was questioned by the Warren people, as she referred to them, she was a blind kitten. She wasn't saying Lee was innocent, but she wasn't sure Lee shot Kennedy or not, she wasn't sure if he knew about any conspiracies or if he was part of one, but she knew he wasn't guilty of murder.

She said the Warren people told her that they had uncovered Jack Ruby's underworld connections and that he killed Lee to keep his mouth shut. Lee was "professionally schooled in secretiveness" and worked for the American government.

Robert felt that, with twenty different interpreters, she wasn't being heard right.  Mark Lane mentioned this feeling as well in his article, published in the appendix of Plausible Denial, so this isn't new. In the process of helping her make herself clear, they fell in love. They started having trysts at my home in the afternoon, usually on weekends. It destroyed me to see them doing what they were doing.

I reminded Marina that we had an affair going, too. If she wanted another f***ing Minsk period, she'd cooperate with me and not one second after another little afternoon of fun. Robert's wife and kids would be very happy to hear about this.

Right after that, almost as if on cue, Robert began to be very cooperative about saying his brother was guilty, and even coming up with new evidence. Robert had a wife and little children. The Warren people found out about Robert's indiscretion (a little birdy named me told them). After that, he was in a bind and had to keep it secret, which is why he incriminated his brother, even after everything Marina said.

Judyth is right. Whether she was Ozzie's girl, I know not, but she was right about Robert's affair, which speaks volumes for me.

J.H. Martin

That settled it for me.

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Jim Martin; Marina's former business manager.

Is this the same Jim Martin:

Jim Martin, a close friend of George Senator's?

Apparently the latter J Martin was present at Ruby and Senator's apartment on that evening when the soon to die reporters visited Ruby's apartment.

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