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Mitt Romney

John Simkin

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Mitt Romney's personal wealth is double that of the last eight presidents combined. Does that make him a good person to run the United States? Is it possible for him to understand the economic problems of the American people?

The Democrat Party anticipates Romney as the GOP presidential candidate, in fact the GOP party hierarchy is praying Romney crosses that candidate line. The fool is so far from relating to the middle and lower class, its a damn shame. Just like his old man George Romney, nary a clue concerning leadership!

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He's got to be better than Newt "I'm going to smack the judiciary HARD! for banning religion in schools and public buildings" Gingrich.

Funny thing. Was watching the SOTU speech on BBC news, and a friend (American) posts on Facebook that the perfect speech would be "The state of the union sucks, I failed, I resign effective noon tomorrow."

I ask who the VeeP is, and damn me if I can name one since Quiverin' Dan.

Got me to wondering if the Americans had been hiding them all to keep them out of trouble.


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