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Frank Sturgis Archive of letters,photos, material on JFK Assassination

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Heritage has an interesting and quite substantial lot of early photos, letters, hand written book or article material on the assassination all owned by that good ol' spy everyone loves to speculate about, Frank Sturgis.

While the notebooks about JFK's assassination sound like moneymaking stuff culled from JFK researcher's material- and of course promote the "Oswald as Soviet Spy-Aassassin" line favored by the CIA, there are enough period photos and letters here to make this an extremely interesting looking lot that I'd love to peruse- maybe it's interesting enough that someone here might be rich enough and curious enough about to take the plunge.

I thought it was worth posting and discussing. Auction ends soon, in May.

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John F. Kennedy: CIA Operative Frank Sturgis Archive. Frank Sturgis (1924-1993) was a CIA spy, former associate of Castro who became disillusioned with the Cuban dictator and helped plan the Bay of Pigs invasion, oversaw several plots to assassinate him and was arrested with other "plumbers" at the Watergate building. This extensive archive contains hundreds of letters, notes, photographs, manuscripts and other ephemera related to Sturgis and his career from the time of his service in World War Two until his death. There is a 4-page autobiographical sketch: "... I am no stranger to intrigues and treachery... I was born among the deep shadows of death and darkness and death was to follow me into the arena of the Cold War... I myself was trained to be a warrior of death, to destroy everything and everyone in my path. God was watching over me... To live is to die. God bless America. Frank Sturgis Code name: Attila the Hun..." In another 5-page manuscript, he lists JFK's killers: "Khrushchev... KGB... Fidel Castro... Raul Castro..." and speculates on the plot. "Oswald was killed or is alive in Russia and replaced by a KGB agent trained in his place in 1959... a member of the State Security Service Sabotage and Assassination Section... the evidence created would place responsibility on Cuba... to avoid World War III it was decided by Johnson not to attack Cuba... all the evidence of Soviet & Cuban conspiracy be withheld... Soviet Secret police planned to assassinate Richard Nixon [he he won instead of Kennedy]... Raul Castro and Che Guevara were to coordinate the conspiracy to kill Kennedy..." He speculates at length on Oswald's interaction with the Soviets. In a 3-page pencil manuscript, he asserts: "... I was at a staff meeting in which Fidel made threats against America and its leaders in 1959... CIA was helping Fidel secure his position of power..." Other holograph material signed Frank Fiorini (his given name) deals with his CIA anti-Castro activities, boat operations, flights to Cuba, meetings with JFK regarding the Bay of Pigs operation. In other memos, he says he "helped to hijack a Soviet freighter and hold it hostage for the return of the U.S. spy ship Pueblo... could arrange for 1 or 2 Russian MIG's flown out of Cuba for the right price... I went to kill Fidel 3 times... had to leave my post... a CIA friend asked me if I could do a hit on an important person... was accused of placing a bomb at the Cuban Embassy... by FBI..." Much of the accompanying ephemera includes anti-Castro propaganda leaflets, cryptic Correspondance to Sturgis, typescripts for magazine articles, book proposals, Watergate-related legal texts, a copy of his indictment, several hundred photographs from World War II to the Cuban Revolution, four videotapes of Sturgis interviews, his death certificate and signed guest book from his wake. Estimate: $3,000 - $5,000.

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