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Why continue this waste of time?

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I’m referring of course to the “Doorway man” ‘debate’

What’s the point?

Do you think Fetque and Cinzer will ever change their minds?

Do you think any fence sittiers will benefit from furthur argument?

Why not ignore them?

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I agree, this poorly researched juggernaut appears to be unstoppable.

Whatever credible evidence is presented to counter this ludicrous claim is just summarily dismissed.

Everyone else is wrong, while Ralph and Jim Fetzer are always right.

I would like to think this nonsense will end soon, but I fear we are just at the very beginning.


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One has to wonder why this Cinque character has suddenly appeared and seems to spend 24/7 here pushing one idea no matter how many disagree. I know it is against the rules to question the motives of the posters but

can we wonder why when it is such a side issue in this very complex case?. People can see different things in all of the photographic evidence. Much is total speculation that I leave to the photo experts like Bob Groden.

Cinque has not held himself out as any sort of expert in this area and the obsessive nature of saying this one thing over and over, over 500 posts is just very odd to me. I know that I am far from alone in feeling this way.

Why on earth is this SO important to him? And how does this advance the JFK case one bit? At best it is a distraction. All very odd. He uses phrases like "this will fall like a house of cards" (on Amazon). What will fall? How would anything change even it is WAS Oswald in the doorway? It would not change the fact of conspiracy. It would not change LHO's innocence. It tells us noting about anything of significance in this case. Thus I wonder why he is going on and on and on.

Ego? Or something more?


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I find it interesting how a group like the JFK researchers - who, if you'll pardon my observation, often seem to agree on nothing except Kennedy is dead - almost universally agree that Ralph is wrong. That alone is very persausive evidence that his claims are indeed flawed.

That in itself is a good reason for the thread. I've had similar experiences with Apollo or 9-11, when a claim is made that is so bizzare that people tend to dismiss it out of hand. Doing that can sometimes lend an air of legitimacy to the claim. Myself, I prefer to dismantle the claim and show just how completely wrong it is. This allows people reading the details to not only know that the claim is baseless but also why it is baseless.

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On the one hand, it's true that rigorously challenging, rebutting, and deconstructing propositions and arguments that seem flimsy or preposterous on their face may be the best way to discredit them beyond question and extinguish them.

On the other hand, one must balance this desideratum against countervailing prudence succinctly expressed by George Bernard Shaw:

"I learned long ago never to wrestle with a pig. You get dirty-- and besides, the pig likes it."

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Good point Paul. I guess we have to just make our own decisions based on the subject, the claim, etc. And, I suppose, how often the claim has been raised.

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