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Lovelady's lawyer: Kenneth E Brooten Jr.

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"Whether or not it was Billy Nolan Lovelady in the doorway or Lee Harvey Oswald, I think, has probably been resolved. It's been resolved by the

House Assassinations Committee by photo analysis, and I think, in the minds of a great number of people. That has closed the last chapter on it."

Those were the words of Kenneth E Brooten Jr, who became Billy Lovelady's attorney at the time of the HSCA. Certainly he could have never imagined that

thirty-three years later the last chapter would be Jim Fetzer, Ralph Cinque and members of the JFK Assassination Debate section of The Education Forum.

http://news.google.c... lovelady&hl=en

Brooten had been Special counsel to the HSCA, but resigned on March 8, 1977 at the same time Sprague and Gonzalez left. A month later Brooten explained to Harold Weisberg that:

"....the committee had compromised itself to such an extent that their final product has already been discredited. I simply refused to compromise

my personal or professional integrity for a group of politicians and accordingly have returned to the practice of law here in Florida."

http://jfk.hood.edu/.../Brooten 05.pdf

Here is another letter from Brooten to Weisberg:

http://jfk.hood.edu/.../Brooten 01.pdf

One of the areas of law that Brooten went on to specialize in was medical malpractice. He wrote a book on it. It would be interesting to know what he thinks today

of the medical evidence. Brooten is on record as believing there was a plot to assassinate President Kennedy.

Interestingly, while still serving as Special counsel to the HSCA, Brooten was sent to Mexico by Sprague to interview former CIA contract employees Boris and Anne Tarasoff. The Tarasoffs had listened to and transcribed recorded phone conversations allegedly made by someone identifying himself as Lee Harvey Oswald from the Soviet embassy to the Cuban embassy. Those with an interest in Mexico City and the Oswald calls will probably find this germane. You have to scroll down a bit to get to the actual interview:


This link was posted by Bill Simpich on another Forum thread:


After the HSCA Brooten went on to specialize in international law and medical malpractice. He has authored at several books. According to one source,

Brooten claimed to have "written House Resolution 222, which called for the investigation into the assassinations of Kennedy and King in the first place."


Brooten graduated from an Idaho high school in 1960 and still maintains a law office today. All in all, an interesting career.


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