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The FBI's Illegal Destruction of the "Hosty Note"

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I recently saw a video where FBI agent James Hosty attempted to explain away the destruction of the note Oswald allegely left for him by saying that once Oswald was dead and they didn't know a commission would be created, that technically, the note was not evidence.

This of course is BS.

Oswald had been charged with two counts of murder by Texas authorities before the note was destroyed. The note should have been turned over to the Dallas District Attorney's office even before the charges were brought. Commission or no commission, there was still a case against Oswald and the FBI had no reason to think there wouldn't have been a trial.

That note WAS in fact evidence and the FBI withheld it, then destroyed it.

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The Secret Service also destroyed files requested by the ARRB. Did it offer any explanation? (Why bother? Such destruction is not news, but Colombian prostitutes make world headlines and lead to a congressional hearing.) The military destroyed and/or altered evidence (Oswald's DOD file, autopsy materials). The CIA (per Horne's persuasive work) altered the Z film. Didn't the CIA also claim that it "can't locate" reports on the DRE from the time of the assassination? (It can't locate them and won't release them either. Why bother?)

Coincidentally these destroyers/alterers are the usual suspects in the assassination. (There's also the Mafia, but I don't think the Mob documents very much. They just talk about painting houses, sleeping with the fishes, and making offers that can't be refused.) But there's nothing to see here. Just ask David von Pein.

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