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Was Moorman's polaroid fast enough to remove motion blur?

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As we watch the Zfilm, we see Moorman pan as the limo passes her (not my gif btw)

Shouldn't we be seeing the same effect in Moorman as we expect in Zapruder? - where either the limo is in focus and the background blurred or vice versa?

Or is the polaroid fast enough to freeze the entire image in focus?

One would think that with as many things moving during that photo, more would be out of focus...

like we see in the previous Moorman photo

or in reality, they were moving v - e - r - y slowly so there was no motion to blur....



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Good Day David.... IIRC, for that specific Polaroid Highlander camera, Model 80A quickly-self-developing film, its ASA-rating was ASA-3000.

(I am remembering from my childhood/young teen years, when I actually used all 3 types of the discussed-here filmstocks to capture astronomy photos with my telescopes of stars, galaxies, cluster's, nebula's, the moon, and the planets)

ASA-3000 was, indeed, an exceedingly fast-recording film, very capable of eliminating most, or all, motion blur.

(dependent, of course, on the speed of what was in motion, combined with the object-tracking accuracy of the camera operator, combined with the specifications for the camera's lens, combined with the shutter speed, etc).

Relatively, the two most widely used black-and-white 35mm filmstocks in the past (circa pre-1980) were Kodak-manufactured brand names "Plus-X" and "Tri-X," and, IIRC, those had an ASA-rating of 100 and 400, respectively.

(indicating for us that Mary Moorman's Polaroid filmstock was 30-times faster than "Plus-X," and, 7.5-times faster than "Tri-X".... IIRC, in DP, IKE ALTGENS used "Tri-X" film in his Nikon camera with a telephoto lens)

Additionally, IIRC, the chemicals make-up of that Polaroid ASA-3000 filmstock emulsion also made for, physically, substantially larger-sized grains composite within the filmstock emulsion, and one result of those larger-sized grains, was less-clear images.

Best Regards in Research,


Donald Roberdeau

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Thank so much Don... great explanation...

Although... the earlier Moorman photo does show considerable background blur.... it still seems to have been able to sharpen up what should have been very blurry...



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