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New Motorcade Photo

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(Tom Scully Edit: A thread on this same subject was begun just 19 days ago, at this link:

http://educationforum.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=19182entry254832 )

I'm not sure if this is new info or not, but I stumbled across this:


Facebook users are sharing a remarkable new photo of an America moments away from tragedy.

It shows John F. Kennedy in his infamous Dallas motorcade, seated next to his wife Jackie and surrounded by thrilled onlookers. In the stark black and white of the photograph, it’s clear everyone (conspiracy theories aside) is oblivious to the looming, shocking tragedy.

It’s posted by photographer Traces of Texas, who says a reader’s aunt took it “moments or minutes before Kennedy was assassinated.” That’s corroborated with a Google image search, which reveals no other instances of the photo.

“Look at the joy on the faces of the crowd....that is the day innocence was lost...” remarked Terry Reeves Roddy.

“What a horrible day for Dallas,” wrote Rick Stone. “I was about 8 blocks away on South Lamar when it happened........ the whole week was so sad.....started raining ...then snowing the day of the funeral........ no one wanted to work, everyone was watching TV every minute all week long.”

Kathy Cather noted the photographer’s proximity to the president, which ironically may have also helped his assassin.

“It is amazing too how CLOSE the spectators were able to GET to them!!!” she noted

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This photo looks totally fake to me. Go to the story and you can see it in a larger version. I know zero about photos but this one looks like the people are cardboard cutouts or something. I hope the photo experts here will weigh in.


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Guest Tom Scully

The photo is not new, so there seems no reason for it to be the subject of a thread.:



It is also displayed as the 29th photo down from the top, here:

http://kennedy-photos.blogspot.com/ and it is attributed to the link I posted above the photo.

....and here: http://justicewell-ivil.tripod.com/bottom.jpg referenced in this post in a google groups thread:


Here's a really rare one -- an aerial view of the JFK limousine in the

Dallas motorcade on 11/22/63. Note that driver Bill Greer has his door

ajar for some reason (perhaps the car is completely stopped; it

stopped twice during the parade):

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Greer probably opened his door to keep the crowd on the right side of the car from getting too close. Note that Hill is on the back for the same reason: protecting the First Lady.

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