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The Yellow Mist.

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There is a fine yellow mist above the presidents head in Zapruder frame 313.

I think this mist is some type of impact spatter caused by the bullet striking the presidents head.

The mist appears to have a conical shape.


Here it is in black and white


Here it is again in color


In this itek high contrast photo you can see its well defined conical shape


The impact spatter(yellow mist) should be symmetrical about the point of impact.

I have marked the point of impact defined by this interpretation with a dashed black line and arrow.


The above interpretation of the evidence is not consistent with a shot from the TSBD. It is consistent with a shot from either the roof of the Criminal Records Building or the Criminal Courts Building.

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Interesting study.

Take into account the time during exposure and the somewhat predictable forces that may have been involved in so rapidly breeching a closed system (the skull) and the resultant momentum dispersal.

edit add actually that brings up another matter. See the body part spinning off slightly front of top? What direction and speed do you think that is traveling? There are three 'larger' fragments in total but that one is most visible

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It's a worthwhile investigation, given that we've looked over this disjecta pattern, and it's upward-blasted skull fragment, for several decades without analyzing it in this way.

The question that lingers is whether the Zapruder and Nix films as we know them present the full disjecta pattern occurring at that moment in time. Remember that expert photoanalysts have pegged the spray in Zapruder as concluding within too few frames. Still, Mike, you held my intense attention throughout this topic.

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