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Talk of Zapruders Complicity

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I recently bought a book about 9/11 called Painful Questions, by Eric Hufschmid. I was surprised to find it contains a whole section on the JFK assassination.

The author is suspicious of Zapruder, noting that his office was in the Dal Tex Building and he could have taken a few steps outside to film the motorcade, at the corner of Elm and Houston where it would have been moving slowly. Instead he walked far down the street, and instead of standing on the sidewalk or grass, he climbed onto the concrete structure where Sitzman had to hold him. This location "coincidentally" gave him the best view of the killing.

But Hufschmid then really goes overboard, as he often does in this unintentionally funny book. Here's what he says about Zapruder crying during his WC testimony: “An easy way to stop yourself from laughing is to force yourself to cry; it gives you an excuse to hide your head and justify strange noises that resemble laughter.”

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Over the last while I have heard various opinions on Abraham Zapruder being hired to film the assassination and that he had certain ties among conspirators, can somebody elaborate on this, also why would they want footage of the assassination?

Zapruder does seem to have some connection with the CIA, considering his involvement with The Dallas Council On World Affairs and The Crusade For A Free Europe, both CIA backed Domestic Operations in Dallas that included H.L. Hunt, Clint Murchison, and George DeMohrenschildt amongs its members.

Zapruder also worked with DeMohrenschildt's future wife, Jean LeGon at the clothing design firm Nardis in Dallas. Zapruder left Nardis in 1959, the same year that DeMohrenschildt and LeGon married.

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Isn't it possible that Zapruder was unwittingly manipulated, through these associations he had?

Didn't he have to go back home that morning and get his camera at the urging of someone in his office? I recall reading this.

Did Sitzman perhaps talk him into going to the knoll area, and climbing onto that concrete structure for such a good broad view of what was to be the kill zone, assuring him that she would hold him so that he wouldn't fall, when he could have stood on the grass or sidewalk for much closer images of the president?

And then he breaks down when he testifies.

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Yes, I do believe it is possible that Zapruder was manipulated because of his associations.

He was also of the White Russian Group, which appears to play heavily within the whole scenario. I am currently researching this group and it is amazing where this all leads.

In reading over Zapruders WC Testimony, I am under the impression that he was very confused and did not recognize some of the photos shown to him.

Testimony Of Abraham Zapruder


One question I have had for quite some time is, "Who and what was Marilyn Sitzman?" She also did not testiify before the WC. Josiah Thompson did an interview with her, but what she claimed, seems to conflict with what is seen in the DP films made that day.

Josiah Thompson/Marilyn Sitzman



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I definitely consider Sitzman's statements in the Josiah Thompson interview to be at odds with the film evidence of her actions regarding going down to the street before going inside the pergola (apparently to view the goings-on in the parking lot from a secure place).

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I also don't believe that a Coke bottle thrown down on a sidewalk would be as loud as a gunshot, as Sitzman claimed. (And why would a person throw down a bottle, hard enough to break it, when running from gunfire? Wouldn't he or she just drop it? I would.) But I don't know because I haven't done a Coke bottle test on the knoll.

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If you skipped it you might want to go back and click on DIXIE REA's link about ZAPRUDER.

There's good stuff there...the first I've heard of G. DeMorenschildt being connected to the Bush dynasty...LEGEND by Edward Jay Epstein is a good book,

he's very tame and conventional in his conclusions, but the facts about Oswald

and DeMorenschildt are open to more sinister conclusions.

Couple of things on the Zapruder Film. First, everybody needs to rent and view

the new digital archive version that shows the sprockets' spaces, various slow-mo's and good resolution.

Questions--who did the rough cut splicing that left the half-trees in the early part?

Two--In Movies POV (point of view) is everything, and the critical headshots are

against a pure green grass background, was it retouched?

Whats up with the nasty scalp flap on JFK's right temple? Its not in the autopsy or the Groden photos.

Is it just me or is Connally reacting like a guy caught in a continuing barrage? Kennedy was definitely reaching up to his throat with both hands.

Life Magazine bought the film, showed some frames out of order and then suppressed it...ultimately I think ZAP was put up to it and the film is what we historians call "Triumphalism," a trophy, like Files' biting the .222 shell....


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If Jimmy Files (or the grassy knoll shooter) had held his fire, then the Z film

would have strongly supported three shots from the rear---and if the

film had shown clearly any shots from the front, I doubt if anyone would have ever seen it.


has anybody got any other ideas apart from triumphalism?


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