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Waldman serial and VC #'s - for the other 99 rifles in that shipment

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Was curious whether there was any rhyme or reason to the VC numbering system Waldman devised to track rifles.....

The question is how these serial numbers were transfered to the master VC sheet...

C2766 was assigned VC836.... vc 834, 835, 837, 838 are all from different cartons....with the highest numbered carton packing slip, 4376, containing VC#'s

Mr. BELIN. When a shipment of rifles is received, what is your procedure with regard to recordkeeping on the serial numbers of the rifles?

Mr. WALDMAN. We assign to each rifle a control number which is a number used by us to record the history of the gun while it is in our possession and until it is sold, thus each rifle will be tagged with both this control number and with the serial number of the rifle which is stamped on the--imprinted on the gun by the manufacturer.

This seems to suggest that the Serial numbers are assigned a VC number upon ARRIVAL - as this # is what Kleins uses to TRACK THEIR RIFLE UNTIL SOLD.

If you are opening carton after carton and putting these rifles into Kleins inventory, how is it that the sequential VC numbers do not come close to matching items even on the same packing slip?

and finally - to my point that I refuse to let drop.... At least ONE OF THESE RIFLES had to have been sold prior to VC#836/C2766 - yet the records have been saved in such a manner as we cannot confirm or refute whether Kleins shipped any of these other rifles to anyone over the previous 6 months...

WE cannot see the records of the shipping companies or any other entitiy coming in contact with Kleins and their shipping of FC rifles in place of C20-T750....

The Money order is very suspect and the weight of this shipment makes it IMPOSSIBLE that these were 40" 7.5lb rifles.... (each carton holding a rifle weighed just under 1lb, the master shipping crate - made of wood and strong enough to hold 750lbs of rifle ALSO weighed something)... So we have 100-7.5lb rifles, 100-.8lb cartons which ALONE weigh close to 850lbs...

Any reason why a shipper would UNDER WEIGH a shipment they get paid to ship? the 36" rifle weighed 6.5lbs... plus cartons and crate equates to 750lbs....

So were the packing slips created BEFORE or AFTER the rifles arrived at Kleins to include C2766?

and please equate the "10 MODEL NO." 38 E to a MC model....

FBI D-178 shows that 288 cartons of "38 E" rifles are enclosed with 170 "91-E" and 62 "38-I" yet when rifles are removed from inventory they are listed as 38 E 91 I... after the first batch, 170 cases, is removed by Rupp on 8/29/62

I still contend that we are not allowed to see other Kleins orders for C20-T750 since not a single one was shipped a rifle from this list of FC rifles.... otherwise our FBI would have printed a whole batch to show the PATTERN established...

No orders at all in the records makes it impossible to know what Kleins was doing with their FC rifles and C20-T750 orders... convenient, right?




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