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Black Op Radio?

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Everyone, I wanted to bring something up that might be helpful. I just listened to Jim D on Black Op Radio. I thought it was very informative. I've only listened to 4 or 5 shows. I'm sure there are many people on this thread who have been listening to this program for years. You can certainly go back and get the back catalog of programs. On this board there is a list of "recommended books". Would it be useful to have something similar? My favorite was an episode with Doug Horne discussing his new book. Should we get Len to suggest a "top 10" for people that find their way to this board? Or should there be a "top 3" for various subjects...Mexico City, Cuba, Autopsy, etc.... Is there anyone who considers themself a big BOR that could provide some input?



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William I think that BOR is an incredible resource that should be spread around widely to non-experts. Look how I tried to contextualize it here for non-experts as a snag, to hook them and get them to listen to the show. Note, I do not here claim to have snagged well , just snagged. I feel incredible time pressure and try to make sure at least 50% of my time is spent posting links that could potentially make new folk curious.

------------" We as a society suffer today from what can only be called an extraordinary case of collective nuclear amnesia. A picture of the past has taken shape that has very little to do with what our nuclear past was really like. It is now often taken for granted that even in the 1950's nuclear war was simply 'unthinkable" as an instrument of policy; that nuclear forces were never usable and saved only to

"deter their use by others"; and that the threat of "massive retaliation" was at bottom use pure bluff, because the United States would never be the first to launch a nuclear strike. This picture has taken shape because it serves important political purposes of both the left and the right, but one cannot immerse oneself in the sources for this period without coming to the conclusion that something very basic has been forgotten"--Marc Trachtenberg, History and Strategy.

Now, with this in mind, read all the indexed references to General Curtis LeMay in Richard Rhodes Dark Sun and James Carroll's House of War.

and with that in mind be sure to listen to the Black Op Radio show 569 in the black op radio archives, which has some simply fascinating info on the top dog of the Strategic Air Command in Omaha. He never asked his mom or anyone else permission for anything else and the newly released Air Force One tapes have clearly shown he lied about where when he got back to Washington DC on 11/22/63 ,where he was coming from, and how he got there, and who he was with. But nobody is perfect. Compare this to the coverage given these tapes on the Charlie Rose Show. (with BOR show 569 link)


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I think there are a number of earlier shows e.g. 417 on MLK with James Douglass that could be used to really get huge jumps in numbers to the BOR site. These used to be free, but now only this years show are on archives.

While I can understand Len's need to do what is necessary to run this GREAT SHOW, I often wish that I could post these threads around. I know they got a lot of hits when I posted them earlier.

On another note I think that BOR could play the role of a good HUB for the 50th. By this I mean a place where not merely organizing is done but either Len or Jim could say "hey this is what we are doing this week to build audience, make links, explain the significance of the assassination to wider audiences, make links to non-FB sites , etc." If the hosts did this AS OPPOSED TO AN OCCASIONAL LETTER WRITER, the idea of momentum and hub building could grow. Internet links could be reinforced with wide numbers.

We are up against all corporate media for the 50th. We need to at least build internet hubs, and a plan.

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