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Bloody Treason: The Assassination of John F. Kennedy

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I had the pleasure of spending the day with David Mantik and Noel Twyman. The last time the three of us were together (at the same time) was in 2001 when we presented our respective work, along with Jim Fetzer, at the Encinitas Conference. Noel remains sharp as ever, a real gem, and a wealth of information. And of course David is a good friend and colleague. The meeting was most constructive. There will be more to come, stay tuned.

For those who do not yet have Noel's book, Bloody Treason, (and even for those who do), it is available in electronic form (E-book) on Amazon for only $9.99! I know that many folks were unable to afford the $37.50 price tag when it was released in hardback. Today it sells for $393.00 (new) and $129.00 (used)! However, this e-book edition is a fantastic resource as the pictures are extremely clear and typos have been corrected along with a few very minor items. Don't misunderstand: This is not a sales pitch! It is an opportunity...

David asked Noel: "Would you recant
you wrote in the book?"

Noel replied: "Not a thing."

That is quite remarkable for a 600+ page book.


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Greg, will you get back to me on contact info on Lamar Chaovin?

Thanks, BK

I already did before I posted this thread! Did you get my PM? Check your in box if it hasn't been compromised. I have no faith in Forum messaging. I'll give you a phone call.

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