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LT. George Butler

David Boylan

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There is, a pretty solid historical basis for Lt. George Butler being a key person in the Dallas aspects of the assassination, it's all in the historical paper trail of compelling information provided by sources as diverse as Penn Jones to Peter Dale Scott. There is a plethora of new documents that have been released, as most of us know and files regarding George Butler are not in short supply. Search maryferrell.org, for one and you will find a considerable amount......

With regards to Lt George Butler being on the payroll of the CIA, I would like to see anyone "prove" that. C'mon, a Dallas police detective who also works or worked for the CIA......why else would he be on the payroll, .......apologies to anyone concerned, but that sounds like pure crap....

Now, I will put forth something which has to be considered a lead, which is that in the time frame of May 7-10th, 1963, Lt George Butler, apparently was at the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas, a fact which can be proven as a result of ELSUR usage by the FBI in that period.



First, in a conversation between Jerry Gordon and Morris Lansburgh. In this conversation, Gordon is referring to hotel bookings for the day's of May 7, 8, 9, and 10, 1963. At one point in the conversation, Gordon states, "10th down, thirty-five, seven, zero, two [pause] yes sir! [Pause] Some of your friends from Texas"..........

On May 12 1963, [Jerry] Gordon is having a discussion with Sam Belkin, a casino credit manager concerning customers at the casino who owe the casino money......Gordon is reading off the names to Belkin, and Belkin is cross-referencing them against a list he has, after running down the 36th name, Sam Gordon.....five. the following,"...........BUTLER......Paid..."

So, the conversation implies, at least by what Gordon states to Lansburgh, that a Dallas police Lieutenant is on familiar terms with Morris Lansburgh. If that were the case it belies the fact that with the assassination seven months away, there is good reason to suspect the charge made through the years that there were some bad apples on the Dallas police force was not inaccurate; In that context, a Dallas detective staying at the Flamingo in Vegas.......Doesent look too good on the old resume.

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Lee et al, absolutely fascinating info. It's amazing to see how all these characters relate to each other. Morris, Lively, Butler, Walker, William Reynolds. Now throw in the Schmidt bros. And we come full circle. Who did Loran Hall call when he was arrested in Dallas? Robert Morris of course.

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