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RFK, "One of your guys did it"

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Robert Kennedy had another revealing phone conversation on the afternoon of Nov. 22. Speaking with Enrique "Harry" Ruiz-Williams, a Bay of Pigs veteran who was his most trusted ally among exiled political leaders, Bobby shocked his friend by telling him point-blank, "One of your guys did it." Who did Kennedy mean? By then Oswald had been arrested in Dallas. The CIA and its anti-Castro client groups were already trying to connect the alleged assassin to the Havana regime. But as Kennedy's blunt remark to Williams makes clear, the attorney general wasn't buying it. Recent evidence suggests that Bobby Kennedy had heard the name Lee Harvey Oswald long before it exploded in news bulletins around the world, and he connected it with the government's underground war on Castro. With Oswald's arrest in Dallas, Kennedy apparently realized that the government's clandestine campaign against Castro had boomeranged at his brother.


Did RFK mean LHO or someone else?


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The confusion begins with Haynes (Johnson) himself, who originally reported in the Washington Post that Bobby said it to Harry Williams -- and then later reported that Bobby said it to him. I sought to clarify this directly with Haynes, who told me that he got it right the first time. So Bobby told the Cuban exile leader, "One of your guys did it." This is enormously important. Because, as I say in the book, RFK is connecting Oswald (who has already been arrested and I believe is known to Bobby) to the anti-Castro movement. In other words, Bobby is not buying the CIA/FBI line that Oswald is a Communist agent. And when Bobby tells his good friend Harry (the only exile leader he really trusted) "one of your guys did it" -- in effect, he's saying "one of OUR guys did it" since Bobby himself was in charge of overseeing that movement for his brother. I think the plotters wanted Bobby to feel this way, to blame himself.

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