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Sumir Sharma

Sumir Sharma

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I am lecturer in college at Ludhiana affiliated to Punjab University, Chandigarh, India. I have seen the contents of your web site and find them interesting. I feel like joining it and participate in various topics which are posted there.

I am getting more interested in European and American History as these are my papers for teaching at Post Graduate Level. Through the major part of my teaching career I had been teaching Indian History. Now, for the last five years I am teaching American History and learning about many shortcomings in my knowledge about the European World. My main aim is to interact with the teachers and people from European Background to learn and understand their version about their own history. Therefore, I desire to join you people. I feel that I may get chance to learn more and cover up the gap about my understanding of history of people about people who are foreign to me. This is my understanding of history. I have yet to read a book on History of England which is yet another shortcoming in my study on American history. Every time I take a new book on American history, they start with the European influence over the history of America and they finally come the effect of History of England over America.

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