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Google and the CIA

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We have several discussions about the power of Wikipedia to present the establishment view of the past. However, a far larger problem concerns Google. Most people use the Google search engine when they want to discover information about the past. If Wikipedia have produced anything on the subject, even if it is only a few lines, it also appears as the first link available. However, up until recently, the ranking system seemed fair and alternative views appeared fairly high up.

However, on 22nd May, 2013, Google introduced a new search system called Penguin 2.0. It claims that this new system will hurt websites that use certain spam techniques. However, I think it is an attempt to prevent anti-establishment views from appearing near the top of the search requests.

To test this out do a search for "History of the CIA" at Google. What sort of image do these websites provide of the CIA? Then try it using other search-engines. See list below. I get my results from the UK so it might be different for you.











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I tried most of the search engines. Small difference. Then I tried ' CIA secret history ' on google and the CIA's own website was still first. Interesting. Thanks for posting this.

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Try duck duck go. Though Microsofts attack on open source through Novell who knows?


Amazon and the CIA (and by link direct to Social Media, search engines, the OS and GUIyou are using, et.c. et.c. :


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