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Time out for some humor.

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I am laughing hard on that one too.

Feels like that all ready, you know.

Thanks for that Wim, that was the truth of it.

You got it right...........

Just can't help but wonder what the guy will do if

this time he loses............

Maybe Bush will turn and say COUNT THE VOTES THIS TIME and it goes

to Senate again.

He will be selected again.


Not again.

Once was enough......

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thats really funny, wim.

I read the long article in Vanity Fair about the 2000 election,

and it really boiled down to Jim Baker (former sect. of state, not the

televangelist), it boiled down to the fact that James Baker gave Bush better legal representation than Al Gore got. Once Gore pressed for a selective recount in only

four democratic counties, Baker had him, and in one of the great ironies of american history this actually gave Bush a bit of a case for "equal protection"... which the conservatives always hated to grant for anybody...the Court could have pressed for a complete recount, but it went 5-4 along ideological (Party)lines....

JIB-JAB is a funny site, too

Die Bold!


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