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1,001 Reasons the Single Bullet Theory Won't Work

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While some think the arguments against the SBT are all "old hat", and not worth discussing further, I believe, outside of the new material on Prayer Man on the front steps of the TSBD, there are not really any arguments about anything to do with the assassination that have not been discussed and argued almost into oblivion.

That being said, I believe this forum is still titled The Education Forum and, for the benefit of people new to the assassination, discussing the old arguments is still relevant. Not only that, do we know ALL of the reasons the SBT is an impossibility? I'm interested in hearing the flaws others have uncovered.

So, hit me with your best shot. What, to you, is the clincher that sinks the SBT?

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The theory is supposedly supported by the findings of the HSCA, but actually was not. The HSCA pathology panel signed off on the theory under the belief Kennedy was shot while behind the sign in the Zapruder film, and leaning forward. The HSCA, however, held that he was shot before going behind the sign, when he was clearly sitting erect.

So, how did they get around this? They hired someone from NASA to tell them Kennedy was actually leaning forward before going behind the sign. If you read his findings carefully, in fact, you'll see that this "rocket scientist" actually proposed Kennedy was leaning forward before being shot, and then sat up in his seat before getting hit in the head--the opposite of what is shown in the Zapruder film.

Those still claiming the SBT was "confirmed" by the HSCA have no idea what they're talking about. It was debunked by the HSCA (when you actually study its reports), only no one had the intestinal fortitude to admit it.

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Rather than repeat and rehash this again, here's the links to some of the articles I have written on the SBT and Specter, who got the job of figuring out the ballistics when his boss Francis W. H. Adams, a NYC police commissioner, refused to participate in what he considered a sham.

There's also Specter's acknowledgement that he didn't conceive the SBT but that Joe Ball did.

Shortly before he died, Vince Salandria and Specter, bitter adversaries for over forty years, met for lunch and Salandria forgave Specter.

And finally there's my more recent article on the case for a forensic autopsy.







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