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Oak Ridge and The Spark that lit the JFK Eternal Flame

Jim Phelps

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11-22-13 -- 50 years
Oak Ridge and The Spark that lit the JFK Eternal Flame

Today marks the 50th year since a great US President was shot dead in Dallas because he sought freedom of all Americans from what some call a Shadow Government intent upon the exploitation of Americans. Yesterday, 50 years ago on a Thursday, he was in Ft. Worth and then Friday in Dallas for his last Parade, and the grief of a Nation still morns his passing.

JFK stood tallest historically because he valued the pathway to peace and not being goaded into wars desired by those running the Shadow Government who never considered the President to be in control, but as to be used as a Puppet on a String for their wealth, power, and control over not only the US but their ever growing interests worldwide.

JFK was black-mailed by Hoover to add the highly corrupt and murderous LBJ to the ticket in 1960, and that to gain the Southern votes. JFK was a bit of a Randy fellow and had various affairs with women from KGB agent types, to CIA X wives, to Mafia shared Girlfriends, and he used everyone of them to some intriguing advantage in learning information.

In the run up to the Assassination various National Security oriented places, Oak Ridge highly included, were telling JFK was a drug addict, he was a womanizer, he was a communist, and he was selling the US out. JFK was still quite well in control and who JFK was selling out was organized crime that Hoover used to control communists at ports, the corrupt Joint Chiefs wanting another war to take down Russia for the rich Royalists associated with Rothschild's banking empire, the CIA for following these like pathways of Dulles in the CIA. These were all people that were enemies of the US "We The People's" Freedom. The powers of the press and the media fed the American public slanted views and biased reports to keep them under their thumbs. This to make them into sheep and lemmings falling down a virtual precipice into a form of subtle slavery to these Shadow Govt. oligarchic types, and via wanting of JFK to become their puppet. JFK refused to become their Puppet and instead became American's Hero working for their People's Freedom and Prosperity.

JFK voiced his turning point from being their Puppet and into being his own Boss with the June '63 American University speech, and this put the controllers on notice that they were the problem and not the solutions. In June, JFK put in the Fed Res containment using Ex Order 1110 to again have America have its own currency. JFK refused to make another profitable war for the same banking investors wanting Mil / Ind Network profits based on American Lives. JFK found the ulterior motives of Dulles and fired him and others and they were fighting back in various fashions. JFK stood firmly on the Israel Nuke Proliferation and that set off an international hate for JFK via PERMINDEX in Montreal Canada and the US.

No place hated JFK more than the huge and bloated US Nuclear weapons plants that employed millions of people. It has long been known that these were highly connected with DISC (which means Hoover and Bloomfield), the CIA nuclear proliferation folks in Oak Ridge, and a secretive effort based in New Orleans to secretly kill Castro with radiation and cancer virus that was being ruined by JFK. Oak Ridge had strong connections with Jack Ruby and with that to LBJ. Some say the CIA did it, some say LBJ, but the truth is the corruption allowed in high Govt. places by that greed for money and power on an international stage is what killed JFK The spark that lit the JFK eternal flame started in Oak Ridge and its national security connections.

The Corsicans were hired to off JFK, as the various factions intent on killing JFK snatched up the better ideas to kill a president. Many had to collectively agree because if any significant group in the CIA, FBI, Joint Chiefs, Mafia faltered, then the entire plot would be exposed. Today, it is the Mockingbird press, that is supportive of Zionist themes, that still blocks the truth on the magnitude of this JFK plot for those seeking to off JFK.

It isn't much of a mystery for those within or near the National Security Network at the time and the only thing that holds the American Public at bay of knowing the truth is some classification and a lot of books written to confuse and control the American Public.

So, please remember this great American Hero that died to support your Freedom, and think of how different the world would be today if JFK could have been allowed to continue his efforts in a 2nd term.


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