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The JFK assassination--- Big Event made Simple---50 years is long enough!

Jim Phelps

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The eternal banter on the JFK hit continues and the books published pushing 600. Some have fragments of truth, but most all miss their marks significantly and mislead the public.

The very Roots for the JFK are the Manhattan Project, which is why we saw in Oak Ridge National Lab's Masonic Raymond W. Trucker, Sr. calling Jack Ruby (Jewish Jacob Rubenstein of the Marcello Mafia) to turn the guns on JFK as a Communist, as the covert renegade kill Castro plan failed. The New Orleans anti-Castro plan involved nutty former Catholic David Ferrie, who was sort of a half way man connected with the Marcello Mafia and the quasi-Military CiA efforts run out of the New Orleans CIA and FBI connected Mason Guy Banister to build a Monkey virus poison. Ferrie ended up dead for talking too much to Jim Garrison about what really happened.

The Manhattan Project started design work in New York City and things like Uranium Ore from Gabon were stored away in various buildings and warehouses in NYC. The Army made a deal with the NYC Mafia to protect this critical operation from any German spies. The Army's plan was totally separate from the ONI's deal on shipping sabotage problems. The Army's operation was HQ'd in Plainfield, NJ was was run by the Army's Ralph M. Lockhart. The Army set up some immunity for the Mafia in return for killing suspected German spies they saw hanging around the wrong buildings in NYC. They killed hundreds that were just in the wrong place, and most all tossed in the River and unsolved.

Lots of folks connected with these extreme security issues of the Manhattan Project knew the Army had a deal with the Mafia to kill people in the US. The Castro deal in Miami and New Orleans was much the same thing with people like Lee Harvey Oswald doing some public events to locate Castro and Communism backers in these areas. They would soon be used or eliminated. Oswald was doing this via the Ex-FBI Chicago Station Chief Mason named Guy Banister in New Orleans. LHO got into an extremist ugly bunch in New Orleans that really wanted to eliminate Castro, and they were doing a plan hatched up by a Dr. Alton Oscher, that was all about using radiation and a mutated SV-40 Monkey Virus to give Castro Lung Cancer covertly.

So, we see that Lee Oswald came up to Oak Ridge in Summer 1963, where the information on radiation and health were kept and got training in what levels of radiation was needed to reduce the human body resistance for SV-40 virus infections, and how to avoid any antibiotics for implementation of such a plan to have Castro killed by this advanced poison method to keep the Russian's from not suspecting Castro was poisoned, but just died from too many Cigars.

The history for Ralph M. Lockhart is essential to learn how the hate built against JFK, from the military point of views. The Army's Lockhart joined the Army in the times of the Indian Wars and the Mexican Border wars in Arizona. Those folks were sent to Kansas and Missouri for the build up for WWI artillery and here the Ralph M. Lockhart of Harry Truman started crossing paths. It goes on down to Lockhart getting a big job to run the Mafia killers in NYC, as Truman is still a Senator and looking for war overspending and Truman going to go after huge expenses of the black project Manhattan Project. It was Truman's buddy Ralph M. Lockhart that the Army dispatched to tell Truman this was a solid but top secret project and to totally back off even talking about it.

Masonic Truman managed to get on the FDR ticket and became VP for the US, and soon enough the President as FDR passed. FDR kept Truman totally shut out of any Manhattan Project details and when Truman got to be president he was told more by Lockhart and by Stimson. Masonic Truman was easily influenced by Imperialism's designs, as the Freedom and Independence designs of Masonic FDR were tossed out the window. This was a huge Coup against the US to back UK Imperialism, as Mason FDR planned to totally suppress the UK Colonials in the world after WWII. This did severe and lasting harm to the US, as it let to the US being taken over from within and the factors JFK was eliminating.

Harry Truman had this idea of having every Federal Agency run by top level Masons, this is similar to why the Y-12 plant has all Masonic management. So, the CIA was run by Mason Dulles, the FBI by Masonic Hoover, and even the JCS being run with lots of Masons. Doing that made it very easy for Imperialism / UK backed Masons to take over the US from within. JFK was very much eliminating them and calling them out in the Press Club's Secret Society Speech.

The Bomb Project led to the Cold War against the US Ally Russia, and the dropping of the Atomic Bombs on Japan to become the new Nuclear domination for world diplomacy.

So, move up to the times of the nuclear bombs being attached to rockets due to the captured Germans from WWII, and you find the Army's Ralph M. Lockhart is at Florida's Patrick AFB in 1958 and right at the time for the Jupiter Missile development that had the first nuclear warheads attached that were installed in Turkey. Also, include the knowledge that Patrick AFB was the home for the USAEC's military's monitoring for atomic tests in Russia via connections with Turkey, which is how the Jupiter Missiles came to be aimed at Russia from Turkey.

This soon blew up in the Military's face when Russia's Khrushchev learned of this and started Russia's own back door to the US rockets aimed at the US from Cuba. Then Catholic JFK was stuck right in the middle of a building hot nuclear war, and the Russians had loaded up Cuba was tactical nukes and also putting in long range missiles to counter the US game in Turkey. Then we find that the Army's now Colonel Ralph M. Lockhart from the Reserves and still connected with Patrick AFB gets activated for the Cuban Missile Crisis, and JFK is trying to walk a fine line with backing off Russia, cutting back channel deals with Khrushchev, while the US Military is calling JFK a Communist for not going full hot against the Russians in a Nuclear War that JCS's Curtis LeMay and some of the other crazy mad dogs on the JFK JCS were tying to make happen.

JFK narrowly avoided a Hot Nuke War due to the Crisis. A Russian North Sea sub almost fired a nuclear torpedo at US Ships trying for force the Russian Sub to surface, via near miss Depth Charges. Only one Russian Sub Commander's vote averted most of the US East Coast being missing. Thereby JFK's JCS considered JFK was a Communist, a Catholic, and a coward. Which made it easy to turn the guns on Catholic JFK as the Oak Ridge and New Orleans involved Masonic plot to kill Castro covertly fell apart. Persons like Jack Ruby had knowledge of all these methods and the "connections", plus he had direct ties to Masonic and Jewish backing LBJ and a nice high level security clearance.

The plot to kill JFK came directly from the same methods used to kill spies and Communists in NYC and for the Manhattan Project. All it took to turn the guns for a Mafia hit on JFK was for ORNL Mason Raymond W. Tucker,Sr. to call up Dallas' Jack Rubenstein (Who really hated JFK for keeping Israel from Nuclear Weapons) and tell here is how to get rid of the JFK problems for the Mafia, the corrupt elements in the Castro Cancer hit attempt, for the FBI / JCS, and for LBJ. Oak Ridge had complete access to all CIA files, had a lot of Imperialist Catholic hating Masons in the plants management, and a lot of workers wanting a nuclear build up for making tons of weapons employment that became the nuclear insanity for MAD.

Lee Oswald knew too much and he was trying to stop all the JFK hit attempts, and they knew he was routing them out, and that LHO had to die with JFK, which became Marcello Mafia's Jack Ruby's duty when things did not go down as planned. If all the Military Plans of using the Mafia around Ports for the Manhattan Project and even for Anti-Castro deals, all their heads would be chopped off via public outrage, not to mention war crimes issues. imho

Jack Ruby though all his Mafia and Mil connections would get him cut loose, and with some frustration he give up a lot of knowledge to Ace NYC reporter Dorothy Killgallen, which was right in the middle of the NYC Mafia that ended her life and grabbed all the notes on what Jack Ruby gave up to her. Dorothy was a proper nice Catholic Lady trying to do what the press is supposed to do, which was tell the truth on the JFK hit. She was murdered to suppress the truth on Catholic JFK.

So, with JFK gone, it became the Masonic Duty of LBJ to make a bigger frame up against LHO, as the only crazy person, and LBJ assigned Masonic Warren to run the cover up report with a number of other corrupt Masons helping hide the massive crimes. Corrupt Texas Mason claimed the frame up was needed to keep Russia and Cuba from making war on the US, but real deal is the Citizens would find how corrupt their Govt had become, and all the crook's heads would get the guillotine.

That is the actual magnitude of those wanting JFK dead.


Hi Pres. Trump,
I think JFK found being Pres was harder than he thought also!
Our Pal Roger Stone has pretty much figured out that Jack Ruby, Mac Wallace, and Jim Braden were the directors for the JFK hit, and they used Chicago Mafia shooters in the Dal-Tex, TSBD, and GN to kill JFK, all while LHO was on the front steps to the TSBD.
LHO was ratting out a bunch of rogue CIA and Mafia types and he had to be silenced. It is pretty easy as Braden was Dallas' Murchison/Hunt hired gun, Ruby was LBJ Mafia hit man stalking LHO around the TSBD and DPD, and Mac Wallace was LBJ's well known killer that left his finger prints in the TSBD.
Such is well known now thanks to Roger Stone and lots of others that dug out the facts.
So, please do admit what happened officially on the JFK hit, so the world can learn and work for peace and transparency to make all Safer. imho
Edited by Jim Phelps
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