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Assassination of Che Guevara - Langley Victory Party

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Cuban revolutionary Che Guevara's murder on 9 October 1967, in Higuera, Boliva was a huge victory for CIA's war on Communism in Latin America.

Shortly after, there was an informal gathering at CIA headquarters to celebrate this great accomplishment. Top brass and the best of the back alley operatives who were in on the Op were there for the fete, David Sanchez Morales among them. This is documented.

Pictured below are two men at said party. They are unknown. Does anyone recognize them or have any idea as to who they might be?



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A friend of mine who recently passed away was there when Che' was killed, but it should not be called murder. He was executed as he should have been because of all the people he murdered.

My friend as a Green Beret in Vietnam before being picked up by the Agency.

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