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  1. Thanks Greg. Much appreciated. To reach any kind of understanding of the assassinations in the 1960s one must study Robert Emmett Johnson. He is a very important character indeed. Zach
  2. Cuban revolutionary Che Guevara's murder on 9 October 1967, in Higuera, Boliva was a huge victory for CIA's war on Communism in Latin America. Shortly after, there was an informal gathering at CIA headquarters to celebrate this great accomplishment. Top brass and the best of the back alley operatives who were in on the Op were there for the fete, David Sanchez Morales among them. This is documented. Pictured below are two men at said party. They are unknown. Does anyone recognize them or have any idea as to who they might be? Zach
  3. Hi Joe, My friend Pablo wrote a book on this subject: http://www.amazon.com/After-The-Bay-Pigs-Liberty/dp/1489550682 He knew both RFK and Mr. Donovan personally; he was right there and this book should answer all your questions. Zach
  4. I received this book [“Absolute Proof” by Robert Groden] as a Christmas gift and I feel inclined to take a few minutes and write about it. There is no Amazon page for this book and I want to pass along this information. I hardly ever write anything negative, but this book is $75 plus $10 shipping, depending on how you got it, and people need to know what they are getting into if they are dumb enough to order this thing. I do not buy many books related to the JFK case as many are completely worthless from a historical perspective. This one is no different, save for some pictures; but if yo
  5. Last night, on CNN's Piers Morgan, Oliver Stone made an appearance to chat about a variety of topics such as bullying in the NFL, the NSA and his new Blu Rays coming out of The Untold History and JFK, the 50th Anniversary edition. The following clip shows a portion of the interview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jmtl2R1gML8&safe=active Interestingly enough at the end, Piers asks the self defeating question, "Will we ever know?" And Mr. Stone replied that there are always people digging up new things... Curioulsy, the clip ends there. He went on to add that the CIA is still holding fil
  6. Good work, James. That is indeed Joaquin San Jenis, the chief of Operation 40. Close associations include David Sanchez Morales and his Case Officer, Tony Sforza. Much disinformation surrounds this man. Can we please put to bed the idea that he was the doorman at the Dakota building when John Lennon was shot? Ludicrous theories like this belong in the toilet. Just for good measure, find attached another image of San Jenis. Zach
  7. Thanks, James. What Stavis Ellis said in his interview with Jack Moriarity is very important. First, he is saying that Martino hired the shooter. Oswald, of course, was not the shooter. He is likely referring to someone like, Sandalio Herminio Diaz Garcia. I have little doubt that Oswald knew and mixed with the crew who set him up in the time leading up to the assassination. This would include Diaz Garcia and Tony Cuesta as well as Richard Case Nagell. Then he mentioned that Oswald was hired by the #2 man at the TSBD, a Cuban. James is likely correct in his assertion that this man
  8. So I wanted to follow up on this thread for the any of the many of you out there keeping track of it. I was chasing down a lead following a document. I found Cliff Fenton and spoke to him on the phone. He is a great guy, getting up there in age. The document in question was from Larry Hancock’s excellent book, NEXUS. Larry is a prominent member of this forum and maybe he can comment here if he sees fit. Anyway, the HSCA document was an interview of Stavis Ellis of the DPD. Ellis served in the military during WWII and was in the military section of the DPD. He was the motorcycle officer
  9. Great image, James. Thanks for posting. Zach
  10. I received this image from the family of a well known covert operator and contract officer for CIA. The officer’s widow would like to know who these gentlemen in the cropped photo are and gave me permission to post it here. I have it on good authority that these guys were part of, or associated with the AMOT team and Operation 40, the Anti-Castro counter-intelligence group that was run by CIA officers at JMWAVE. Trying to ID these guys has proved difficult. If anyone has some intelligent suggestions, advice or recognizes anyone in the photo, please let me know. aroberts@heidelberg.edu
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