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    published writer since 1973. Retired Detroit Homicide Sgt and former firearms&tactics instructor for federal agents who transport and secure nuclear weapons in the US

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  1. I don't and have been interested in this since 11/22/63 when I was a history major at BYU.
  2. I agree with most of his findings, but he hasn't achieved perfection yet!
  3. I was at BYU in Utah. In the beginning there were no anti Warren commission books, jut my memory of what I saw and heard. Went do2n to the basement of the condo yesterday and rummage thru several large boxes full of books that solved the crime. Only recently, however, do I feel confident we've found the actual conspirators-Joint Chiefs on the top end and JM Wave in Dallas. Others can and will disagree, but John Newman and Larry Holland have struck gold. Case really closed!
  4. How much merit there is to this book-if any-requires a rather lengthy study of its claims AND IF they can be proven. For me it is simple, Joint Chiefs at the top and JM Wave in Dealy plaza.
  5. Trying to interpret polica jargon without being a veteran officer of that agency is pretty unlikely. I joined Detroit PD in 1969 fresh out college and it was whole language that took years to master. And retired from Detroit Homicide as a sgt in 1989.
  6. Fascinating how this happens to pop up just in time the 60th anniversary.
  7. Cops often think they know a lot about guns but my 20 years in Detroit Police Dept proved that was untrue. Occam's Razor should especially apply to JFk's murder!
  8. And heat of the powder burning and the friction of the ice bullet would not melt it or distable it? I started being published in the gun and police mags in 1973 and have written three books on wound ballistics and I've never seen an ice bullet though I've handled and shot a number classified ammunition offerings.
  9. I did two tours in Detroit Homicide, and we found that having more than two interrogators in the room was a serious mistake. And it was critical that the two in the room were spun up on the case. A Dallas cop told me that Fitz was only a "Success" with the poor and people of color.
  10. Oswald's murder was too convenient to let the opportunity pass. An interrogation room full of "investigator's" is a great way to keep an interrogation from really going anywhere and it didn't.
  11. Well, I did a tour in CSI and two tours in Homicide both in Detroit PD and I don't see anything revealing in these "clues".
  12. Anybody can confess to anything. I, however, have an alibi for November 22nd. I was in Provo, Utah, with a peanut butter sandwich not a Mauser.
  13. arrived last nnight. Too busy with my own three books progress which have nothing to do with JFK but the concept intrigues me.
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