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I was at BYU in Utah. In the beginning there were no anti Warren commission books, jut my memory of what I saw and heard. Went do2n to the basement of the condo yesterday and rummage thru several large boxes full of books that solved the crime. Only recently, however, do I feel confident we've found the actual conspirators-Joint Chiefs on the top end and JM Wave in Dallas. Others can and will disagree, but John Newman and Larry Holland have struck gold. Case really closed!

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On 1/18/2024 at 6:03 PM, Gerry Down said:

I heard JFK Lancer had technical issues recording your presentation and it is now lost to history.

In light of this, would you consider doing the presentation again and perhaps releasing it for free? Project JFK or DPUK on Youtube would be glad, i'm sure, to give you a slot on their monthly show to present this important work on the Odio incident. 


33 minutes ago, Stu Wexler said:


Stu, it's in Europe. 🙂


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