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  1. I don't mean to take the topic off the subject either posting links to classic songs, but to attract attention to it. Maybe it will attract someone younger to the subject through grandads songs. And give them a reason to believe. Enjoy the fiddle and steel.
  2. Gene and Jim, thank you for the enlightening (for me) comments. Any more details would be sugar on the spice. I saw Jefferson Starship in I think 1975 in Tarrant County Convention Center (across the street from where JFK spent his last night on earth). I'm pretty sure we were on mescaline that night. I do remember after Commander Cody and the Lost planet Airmen set the Starship/Airplane stared there's with dim blue overhead lights. With someone in an oversized/tall white bunny rabbit suit hopping onto the stage then around it before the band members began filtering onto it as the song began. Grace Slicks eyes are wild, I've read she was. What I really remember was laughing my ass off as the white rabbit hopped around the stage as I understood the upcoming song.
  3. 11/bani-sadr-reagan-iran-hostages-october-surprise/ October 11, 2021 This is a great historical article. I remember hearing on the day of Reagans inauguration, after it, about the release of the hostages and thinking, this is Bull Shxt. A changing point in history, in ways like the assassinations of JFK and RFK.
  4. So Posner agrees with Stone. The records should be released.
  5. I'd like to say thank you for your comments, most all have been informative or intriguing. May we all see more soon. I think our comments will have a positive effect on some. A few at least in coming generations will also seek the Truth. And it will eventually be revealed for the sake of posterity to some. I still hope. imho Get well soon. Ron
  6. Maybe this thread should be titled The Final Assassination of RFK. Though I suspect some will stay on the job indefinitely.
  7. Larry, first I refuse to address Oswald selling his rifle the day before before. It's absurd. A distraction. Second though, I don't think the issue of his ownership of the rifle or pistol is a total back hole anymore. And that's important. David Joseph in articles at Kennedys and King, along with another researcher who's name I can't recall at the moment and others have established a documented record that the official story regarding this is untrue. jmo from reading. With much respect, Ron
  8. Neither. It wouldn't be allowed by the powers that be. jmo
  9. What should one expect? Unfortunately he is more well publicized than any realistic authors on the subject. Mellen's book and the account of the Liberty in particular is a milestone in looking for the Truth about LBJ. Or American History. Well worth the the price, if your seeking it.
  10. The M$M and in turn the 1% that own them in action. AT&T funds rightwing channel One America News, Reuters reveals (msn.com)
  11. Regarding 1984. I was finishing up Hunter S Thompsons Songs of the Doomed today. In relation to his trumped up on 8 Felony counts in 1990 he mentions "the key number in my case was "8", (previously) "The number 8 in 1984 was a typo. In the original manuscript Orwell wrote 1994. . . . so far behind his deadline his publisher refused to let him make any changes". f
  12. Thanks David, I knew about Jimmy James and the Blue Flames/Hendrix but not the connection to Spirit. What ever happened to Randy Wolfe?
  13. Speaking of 1984. It's been a while since I heard this one from 1970.
  14. Screw the WPo's answers. 2/6 Yes on 00, 04 and 16. Yes on the Nicaragua funding/weapons. Powerful people do uses deceitful and shadowy means. 3/6 The USG did experiment on citizens with acid. 4/6 None of the above. 5/6 Yes on the USG, black men and syphilis. 6/6 Yes some theories benefit the powerful, there is a deep state and Exxon knew. The Rothschilds are real, but I'm not sure how deep their continued influence is. Did i pass the reality test?
  15. An attractive term for the less than half percent that own what we see daily from the msm. There are enough suck ups from the 5% to fulfill the 1 % Party's objectives.
  16. I'd almost forgot about that. I remember trying to buy a Pence flyswatter but they were sold out. A collectors item now.
  17. Regarding the never before breached Capitol, the 600 arrested and thousands more inside and outside . . . Mike Pence just said something absolutely ridiculous about January 6 (msn.com)
  18. Thank you for the clarification here Jim. I'd read a little disputing the claims of Joe Kennedys being a bootlegger, American Values made me question them more. When I first read the name Burton Hersh I wondered, related to Sy Hersh? Then my tin foil hat stared vibrating.
  19. This guy is a Professor of Criminology? Why didn't he investigate the crime in any depth before he put his foot in his mouth. The MSM in action. RFK's murder is a crime that devastated America. Deny parole for Kennedy killer. (msn.com)
  20. So there was a Barbara (J), from the Navy. Purchased, loaned, used by the CIA. But it was not associated with GHWB? I'm trying to remember where I first read that story. Who was behind t?
  21. I too look forward to reading this. Thanks to Leslie for helping make it happen and for your part a well.
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