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  1. An interesting analogy. Strangers on a train: The dark bargain that destroyed the Republican Party (msn.com)
  2. I defer to Joseph McBride who mentioned Vince's Gems, of which I'd never heard but found y googling the title and Vince's name.
  3. Bada bing, bada bump. Get a shot if you've not, for all of us. ‘Patience has worn thin’: Frustration mounts over vaccine holdouts (msn.com)
  4. Thank you for mentioning this. I've read a little about the SSA death before like the wife and kids still receiving his paycheck but nothing this deep. Kantor, "They even have to die in secret". I've got his book but had forgotten this part. A Rambler station wagon with a luggage rack . . . Thanks also to Vince for his Gems, which I'd never read before. jfkassassination.net/parnell/vp1.htm
  5. They're changing their tune because they are loosing voters while the Dem's are not. 86% vaccinated vs 52%. Republicans' anti-government chickens have finally come home to roost (msn.com) Enough to affect the 2022 or 2024 elections?
  6. The suppression of Ufkotte's book and potentially his death is evidence of the continuing world wide reach of whatever Mockingbird has been re named today. it's still there. While much of it may have become institutionalized in the acquisition of the MSM by the 1% it can still sing when needed. jmo.
  7. Bill, can you tell us on which of the 184 pages at MFF it mentions the right temple wound? This is another nail in the coffin on the subject. I'm sure you well know better than I it confirms statements by others present at JFK's death at Parkland, and, at the "autopsy" at Bethesda. Then more recently of Doctors Mantick and Chesser as well as Douglass Horne.
  8. Belly laugh on Mr. Lipton. Apologies to him, his book was early inspiration for me.
  9. 'You do not know what you are talking about' -Fauci to Paul (msn.com)
  10. Yes, the paper and tape they and/or the DPD constructed the bag with, after the fact.
  11. The bag wasn't constructed at the TSBD or anywhere else on 11/21/63. The whole scenario was ridiculous. The only employee who worked at the (paper) wrapping station with the gummed/water tape dispenser testified he was there all day long. Ate his lunch there if I remember right. The bag was constructed after the fact by the FBI likely with support of the DPD or vice versa, FOR the Warren Omission. Just prejudiced cynical speculation.
  12. Another thing that's cool is it's from Harvard, where he graduated from. Home of the Harvard John F Kennedy School of Government. Harvard Kennedy School | Harvard Kennedy School I look forward to both but the four parts sounds really enticing. We already know when and where, who, what, why and how addressed separately in depth could be compelling for Truth in the historical record.
  13. You Sir nailed it imho. Cyril Wecht then contrasted with today in Through The Looking Glass - JFK Revisited (Destiny Betrayed). He is a classic in the annals of the case. Lattimer, "mock ups designed to represent the neck of President Kennedy". Seriously?
  14. Yes. The worst case is pretty scary. For any that didn't click on the original story, it should be read and spread. Nicole Wallace claims Mike Pence feared 'a conspiracy' where rogue Secret Service would kidnap him to help Trump - Raw Story - Celebrating 17 Years of Independent Journalism
  15. Just trying to help here Jim. In my earlier post you were ahead 27-17 in your own thread. Seemed you were kind of talking to yourself in some of the longer ones especially. I thought you might need some help, regarding the assassination. Though I'm no expert on the subject.
  16. How can you tell it's a Cheese sandwich? Just because he said that's what he brought for lunch that day, and ate it in the first floor lunch room? Was he lying about the lunch room? Or the sandwich as well? If it was limburger it might have been noticed, either place. Think he might have had a bottle of heavy water with it?
  17. Here's another decent west coast review/interview. Though I disagree with Mr. Stones ending remarks. We can argue all day about freedom of speech. Documented facts should never be censored. Using the msm or social media to promote lies that advocate insurrection should be exposed and stopped imho. The companies owning these entities have a social responsibility to prevent the destruction of the system under which they have freedom of speech to let us express our opinions. Off the soap box. Oliver Stone revisits JFK assassination in new documentary (sfgate.com)
  18. This is a great review. One of the two positive ones I've seen from the USA. Both from the west coast (naturally?). I feel like sending the author a copy of David Talbot's The Devil's Chessboard though. Director of the CIA Allen Dulles was a little more demented than his Secretary of State brother John Foster as most here know. Still though, Yeah!
  19. Here's a U S review that is somewhat mixed but overall I thought positive. It does mention Jim as the screenwriter. ‘JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass’ Film Review – The Hollywood Reporter
  20. Seems the wrap is crap in this case. I guess the writer wasn't there for this.
  21. That's pretty impressive. Respect on an international basis by a large crowd. A phone worthy moment for many. I suspect many in the U S MSM might have their panties in a wad the next few days. They have to ignore or deride it but the international acclaim seems to be gaining steam. Here! Here!
  22. The yellow dogs are barking on the steps of the capitol in DC. Texas Democrats to break quorum in special session over voting rights (msn.com)
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