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Sports Coat Boy

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Deputy Sheriff Alan Sweatt stated that while standing in front of the entrance to the TSBD he assisted DPD Inspecter Sawyer establish a Command Post and began identifying witnesses that were taken across the street to the Sheriff's office where their statements were taken.

While doing this, around the time Deputy Sheriff Mooney stuck his head out of the sniper's window to announce the discovery of the shells, Sweatt says he was presented with a "boy in a sports coat," who an officer identified as "the boy who shot the President."

Sweatt says the crowd at the scene heard this and began to get unruly, so he had two deputies place him in custody and take him to the Sheriff's office accompanied by a DPD officer to question him.

Has this "Sports Coat Boy" been identified?

Who was the arresting officer and who were the deputies who took him in and the cop who questioned him?

I know somebody must have run this stuff down before.


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Here you go Robin


Sweatt: "...a Dallas Police Officer brought a boy in a sports coat up and said, 'Here's the man that did the shooting...'"

"As officers started to question him, the crowd began to talk and pass the word around that this was the individual that had shot the president. At that time, in the company of city officers, I sent two deputy sheriffs to take this man into custody and take him to the Sheriff's office. Also Inspector Sawyer was informed of this and he sent a DPD officer to the Sheriff's office to talk to the boy."

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