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FBI Agent Francis X O'Neill's BOOK

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Terrific book by a great American from the greatest generation!

By Vince Palamara on July 26, 2012

I highly recommend this book by JFK autopsy witness and FBI Agent Francis X. O'Neill Jr. titled "A Fox Among Wolves". A decorated veteran of World War II and the Korean War, O'Neill also served with distinction as a New York City police officer, an FBI agent (1955-1978), and a member of the Connecticut State Legislature (1982-1990). Francis X. O'Neill Jr. is most famous for his eyewitness observations at JFK's autopsy on 11/22/63---in that regard, the chapter devoted to this specific matter does not disappoint.

This is a highly enjoyable book from start to finish with many photos, as well. For those with a keen interest in the JFK autopsy, here are a few of the highlights (including a reprint of the infamous Sibert & O'Neill report):

-confirms that the statement about surgery to JFK's head came from the autopsy doctors themselves;

-speculates that some surgical procedure had been performed before the autopsy such as cutting of hair or removal of some tissue to view the head wound (!!!);

-states several times that the head wound was massive and was located in the right rear of JFK's skull;

-"parts of the brain were still there, but not much";

-there was a small hole in the upper right rear of the back and there was no exit for this wound;

-states that Humes said that external cardiac massage must have worked the back bullet out of the wound in Dallas and that this solved the dilemma of the bullet found at Parkland;

-states that Arlen Specter's single bullet theory was "just a theory";

and a whole lot more!

Beyond this controversial topic, the book is surprisingly as engaging as its author (anyone who has had the honor of viewing the television debate with author George Michael Evica will appreciate Frank's dry wit and humor, as well as his tell-it-like-it-is approach). There are fascinating stories of his work in the FBI, as well as anecdotes about his participation in World War II, the Korean War, and the other touchstones of his life. Frank had a rich, full, extraordinary life, indeed, and this work does a magnificent job of conveying that to the reader. Highly recommended!
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Francis X. O'Neill III

1/6/2012 Addendum - A reprint of this book has been completed. If interested in a copy of this book with the errors corrected, please email me at fxoneill@cbs.com. I will be happy to provide you with details or answer any questions you may have."

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