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"Shrugging" Secret Service Agent in Dallas identified

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Yes, this is old news---identified and explained in detail in my book and in several of my videos...see ALSO:


RYBKA was ALSO jogging beside the limo right before Lawton:


:08 to :10 second mark- film of (first ) SA Don Lawton and (second), close behind, SA Henry Rybka, walking beside the limo!




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Do I BELIEVE Lawton's "excuse"? No. I believe it as much as I do O.J. 's alibi for the murders. Hill and Blaine (especially) cannot be trusted: phony 11/25/63 meeting that never happened, false "conversations" - associated with this 'meeting'- that never happened, Blaine's phony stories, etc. Lawton died last year-

Agent Don Lawton, who rode on the rear of JFK's limo in Tampa (and in Chicago earlier in the year), states that the agents had "regrets" and "remorse", adding further: "Who knows-IF THEY HAD LEFT GUYS ON THE BACK OF THE CAR...you can hindsight yourself to death", thus debunking "The Kennedy Detail"...the "they"=the agents themselves!


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