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JFK--American loss of oversight on the Sinister Side of FreeMasons

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Oak Ridge and the "Red Coat's" Agenda---American loss of oversight on the sinister side of Masons in the US.

Most that know history discover the Atomic Bomb Project was begun by a Mason President named Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the project took on a Masonic flavor from the beginning.

While Masons like Churchill and Hoover drew the US into WWII, Mason FDR had many long range Peace Plans to implement at the end of WWII and these affected the issues of Britain wanting to be more empowered toward Colonialism. Mason FDR had a plan called "Four Freedoms" that would end world Colonialism by England and France and place England under International Controls. Such would return Hong Kong to China, take Vietnam and Algeria from the French and so on. FDR often used what England did to India as the model for what he wanted to ban England from doing to any country ever again.

England was not about to let the Founding Father's theme of the US take away England's power and winnings via WWII, and FDR died from what many call the same poisoning attempted by England against Stalin. FDR's plans included Peace and Cooperation with Russia and Stalin. Mason FDR was better friends with Stalin than Mason Churchill, and Mason Churchill well knew that.

After the war, the biggest English issues were to suppress and oppose these Mason FDR ideals for World Peace. This was started by selling the American People that the" Red Scare" folks were coming from Communist countries. Heading up these operations were the militant Texas Masons and one named Clint Murchison, who funded Joe McCarthy's "Red Scare" games to promote a US fear of a Communist behind every tree in the US.

Soon enough other mechanisms like the John Birch Society (also called the Belmount Brotherhood due to Masons running things) were set up by Rockefeller to empower Robert Welch to make huge PR on anti-Communism. That soon followed with Mason and former CIA agent William F. Buckley starting up the YAF and becoming the voice of Conservatism on the radio waves across America.

The Eisenhower years were filled with Russia's Khrushchev wanting to have the Peace and Cooperation that FDR supported with Russia. Eisenhower had good relationship with Khrushchev and progress was being made. However, the Masons controlling the public mindset against Communism were highly against this happening. So, they gather up a U2 base person wanting to get into CIA like activities, and he was recruited by Old Gehlen Org type folks in Japan that had close ties with the Texas anticommunist Masons.

Soon the Mason's hate for Communism had the Japan U2 base person defecting to Russia on a slow boat out of New Orleans. His name is Lee Oswald and he faned the Russian flames against the U-2 operations so much the Russians made a missile capable enough to shoot down the U-2 of Francis Gary Powers. This made Khrushchev and the Russians so mad that the Eisenhower Peach talks ended and the Berlin Wall went up in 61
For the Texas masons this was also good business sense as it boosted the sales of military planes and military spending, and areas of Texas and California highly profited. Likewise the spending on nuclear weapons production also skyrocketed and became job security for places like Oak Ridge that backed these Mason operations in Texas run by Mason Clint Murchison and his connections with Masons Hoover and Dulles.

When JFK came along as a Cathodic President the Texas Masons knew that could become a serious problem for them. Mason Clint Murchison had highly funded Eisenhower's campaign, so he owned Eisenhower to an extent. They didn't own JFK, so they had to force LBJ onto the JFK ticket and that happened with black-mail material handed to the Texas supporters of LBJ going onto the JFK ticket at the Los Angles Convention.

JFK became almost just like FDR and the FDR plan for Peace and Cooperation with Russia and Communism. The Mason anticommunists let JFK alone as long as he backed their plans to take back Cuba from Russian allied Castro. When three Mason CIA plots failed under JFK and it took down Mason Dulles, the Mason controlling the anti-Communism Campaigns in the US turned on JFK.

The First plan was the" Bay of Pigs" (April 17, 1961) invasion run out of the CIA's Camp Stanley in Texas. The second Mason plot involved the "Operation Northwoods" (March 13, 1962) and was designed by Mason Lyman Lemnitzer of the JFK Joint Chiefs. The last operation involved Lee Oswald in New Orleans with a Texas Mason friendly Doctor named Alton Oschner. Here the design was to kill Castro with radiation and a lung cancer virus, but the delivery route into Cuba failed, and with the combination of a New Communist friendly Pope in the Vatican and JFK's similar friendly status with Khrushchev, the Mason's guns turned on JFK.

RFK and JFK were about to take down Bobby Baker and LBJ, and connect them with the Lamar 8F Masons gang in Houston that designed the huge power and control over the US that Eisenhower termed the "Military Industrial Network". So, Mason Guy Banister was the handler for Lee Oswald in New Orleans working on Cuba issues, so Lee Oswald was well set up to become the lone nut Russian killer of JFK. Bannister shipped Lee Oswald off to Dallas and the Masons worked to get Oswald on a path for a JFK motorcade in Dallas. The New Orleans Mason Connections with Carlos Marcello supplied Corsican hit men to Dallas, and the Dallas Masons designed the JFK visit to pass right beside the TSBD and the Dal-Tex building of Houston Street. On Nov. 22, 1963, five shots rang out, three from Dal-Tex, one from Grassy Knoll, and one from TSBD and JFK was rushed across the Trinity River in Dallas very dead. Then Mason friendly LBJ took control of the US, as was planned at the Los Angles Convention with Dallas persons like HL Huint and Morris Jaffee banking roiling the LBJ run for VP.

At the JFK autopsy, Joint Chief Mason Curtis LeMay shows up to control things, as everything is done not to notice the shot from in front of JFK. Curtis LeMay is a Mason and Friendly to Mason Lemnitzer, who had big connections with Gladio Operations in Europe and a Mason Vatican penetration group called PERMINDEX that had set up operations in Dallas via Ferenc Nagy to go against Communism. Gladio was run out of England by Lemnitwer.

The Warren Commission was a huge Mason Controlled cover up of the JFK hit, as it was run by Mason Earl Warren, the data fed to them was via Mason Hoover. Masons Ford and Specter further corrupted the details and Mason backed LBJ said this was what happened.

The militant Texas Masons were essentially running a Gladio type operation against Communism in the US, and that system acted to kill JFK. Jim Garrison tripped over details of the New Orleans Masons efforts to kill JFK when he learned of Jack Martin's issues with Mason Guy Banister in New Orleans, when Mason Bannister tried to beat up Martin. Martin knew of Lee Oswald working with Banister to work up Cuba dissident issues in New Orleans and he knew the Masons were involved in the JFK hit.

Unfortunately Bannister died in middle of 1964, leaving Dave Ferrie. David Ferrie was murdered because he knew too much, that then leaving a PERMINDEX associate named Clay Shaw as the last resort of anyone in New Orleans for Jim Garrison to prosecute for the JFK hit. Mason friendly Ronald Reagan further stalled the Garrison trial as Reagan sequestered witnesses and PERMINDEX records in California, the state with the largest Mason membership in the US and well connected with military aircraft issues. As US President Reagan was made a honorary Mason in a White House ceremony.

Under LBJ the anti-Communist Vietnam War escalated to satisfy militant Texas Masons and JCS want for wars. The take over of the US from within by militant extremist Masons following English anti-Communist methods were more complete than ever. In place of the FDR peace ideas, the US came back under the old English wants for control over the US. Then the stage was set for Royalist Money and Corporation Dominance over US elections, and America's Freedoms were taken from them via corruption from within.

Other Masons also add more to this story:

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10. Be Certain to Read what Masons knew about the sinister side of the Masons. One of the best of the best books on how the JFK assassination came about:

Edited by Jim Phelps
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