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still photos from Hughes film

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anyone know where i can get prints of some of the frames



Which frames do you want? How many seconds into the youtube version?

--Tommy :sun

roughly 1:10-1:16 and 1:30-1;44

if this is too much let me know.

thx again

Yeah, Martin, too much.


--Tommy :sun

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Martin, do you want prints or digital copies? If dc then what I would do is to get the best quality 'film' in whatever format. For flash flv's (youtube et.c.) get a flash downloader as plugin to mozilla or a standalone or use an online downloader (from which you can send results to your email). Download a video converter, nothing fancy, a number of good freeware tools around. Get a video splitter. This will split the 'film' into frames. Get a viewer/converter, irfran's good, look over the frames and weed out transitions and copies. Keep as digital copies and/or print out. You can later use these tools, and others, gimp might come in handy for varous things, to stitch frames back together again.

If you don't know what I'm talking about don't worry, it's easy once you get going.

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Martin the Hughes film has some interesting items.


BUT AS JENNINGS/HOLLAND/GARY MACK KNOW-KNEW,the case is closed for LHO acted alone.


"When the car is going down [Houston] street, that window is in the frame of the shot," says filmmaker Tom Jennings, executive producer of The Lost JFK Tapes: The Assassination. "I saw what looks to me like someone moving up there, and I believe it is Lee Harvey Oswald."

In 1964, the FBI examined the Hughes film and was unable to find a clear image in the window. But later technological improvements refined the frames.

"A 1993 computer enhancement of the original film for a PBS/Frontline program, Who Was Lee Harvey Oswald?, found a moving object in the window as President Kennedy's car passed underneath," says Gary Mack, curator of the Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza. "The movement suggests an object turning from its left to its right or right to left as one looks at the film. The Sixth Floor Museum acquired the original Hughes film in 2002 and video blowups of the window seem to confirm the PBS/Frontline findings."

Forgotten footage

In 1995, Jennings was rooting through the archives of the Sixth Floor Museum researching a piece on Jack Ruby and Lee Harvey Oswald. "Tape after tape, I kept seeing images I'd never seen before, and I told Gary [Mack], 'We should do a documentary with just these images.' But there's been so much done on this topic that everyone I talked with thought they'd seen it all."

It was a highlight reel that he showed to National Geographic Channel senior vice president Michael Cascio that got him a green light. "It got the reaction I hoped it would have," Jennings says. "He kept saying, 'I've never seen that before, I've never seen that before.' "

"It documents an important period in a way we feel has not been done," Cascio said before a private screening Tuesday at the Sixth Floor Museum.

The Lost JFK Tapes represents an addition to the lay assassination oeuvre because Jennings consciously avoids running the bases of well-worn sources. In his film, there is no Walter Cronkite, no Pulitzer-winning photo of Ruby shooting Oswald and no Zapruder film. There is also no contemporary narration, only the voices of the era.

"It's as if you had a remote control in 1963 and went from channel to channel," Jennings says. "That's how this plays."

Another view

There is an amazingly well-restored copy of Orville Nix's home movie that captured the shooting from the south side of Dealey Plaza. The frantic foot flailing of Secret Service agent Clint Hill as he tries to climb aboard the limousine without getting hit by a pursuing Cadillac shows him within a nanosecond of falling.

"Clint Hill came very close to being the third casualty of the assassination," says Mack.

A Houston Street sequence from the Hughes film is slowed to clearly illuminate President Kennedy leaning in to hear something Jackie is saying - probably the final words between the president and first lady.

And the clip of two bewildered boys west of the triple underpass waving enthusiastically as the blood-soaked Lincoln speeds past them is one of dozens of poignant moments.

Conspiracy hounds will dissect B reel news footage of Jack Ruby loitering with reporters Saturday night in a hallway near Oswald's interrogation room, the night before he shot him. Was Ruby stalking Oswald or was he merely a cop groupie?

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