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Michael Baden to perform Michael Brown's autopsy (Ferguson incident)

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You all must have heard about the recent riots in Ferguson, Missouri, following the killing of 18 year old Michael Brown.

Attorneys for the deceased's family have hired Michael Baden--the same doctor whose work in HSCA has been called into question by some researchers-- to perform an autopsy. Time Magazine

Here Pat Speer explains how Baden messed with the orientation of a photograph in order to distort the facts of Kennedy's fatal head wound:


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While Baden is both arrogant and incompetent when it comes to the JFK assassination, he does have a record of upsetting the powers-that-be when it comes to controversial cases. If I remember correctly, his analysis of the Attica prison riot shooting was that a number of unarmed prisoners were shot by guards, and not other prisoners, as the guards had claimed.

His willingness to go against the grain (for pay and fame) is what led him to O.J., and Spector, etc...

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