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You will notice that thread 'Secret Service Response' has been frozen.

You may also read the post by James Gordon as to why the thread was frozen.

This is after all not a public Forum but a forum owned and controlled by individuals with particular mindsets.

It should be of interest to every member of this forum as to what may truly be happening here, the thread is not being frozen because of abuse it is being frozen because I have continued to post evidence concerning who may have been on the steps of the TSBD during the assassination.

IF members would take a step back and analyze this issue, why is it that it is taboo to discuss the identity of DOORMAN or that it is considered that this single issue is an unquestionable crackpot idea?

Who has been ousted for suggesting a bullet can zigzag thru two people, fall out of a wound and have remained 'pristine', this is crackpot.

I am asking members to support me in the name of fairness and the future of this forum to remain a credible platform for the uncensored introduction of evidence and discussion without a threat of punishment for espousing ideas.

I have no intention of responding to "present the evidence in support of his claims" the evidence is already present in 30 pages of threads.

I also informed James that if he wanted me to stop posting evidence for DOORMAN I would do so, but that I would not alter my position on the subject unless compelling evidence was posted, James choose to freeze the thread.

I don't believe I am on trial here rather by James Gordon actions this forum is on trial, it should be up to the membership to stand up and speak about this, if not maybe I don't belong in this peer group.

I am asking your support whether or not you agree with my postings to speak up now so that a clear message can be sent to the administrators of this forum to establish a level of fairness immune from draconian dictates.

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James concluded with "It has not gone unnoticed that there is an open thread of similar content. It would be unwise for members to transfer this threads content over to that thread."

I have no idea what he is referring to, but if it is my threads on the JFK Assassination Forum, I will continue to post there.

If it is other members copying posts that I have made, you have my express permission as long as they are not altered in any manner. I can not condone any other comments connected with my posts being copied.

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I believe I may have a bit of insight into the situation.

It's not so much the "evidence" that Robert is posting; it is as much his dismissing other evidence as "fake," such as the photographs taken in the DPD, without citing any evidence that the photos were faked. You may THINK evidence is faked; but unless you have EVIDENCE that it has been faked, then by calling the photographs fakes, you're guilty of making wild unsupported claims, rather than presenting evidence. Just because you don't agree with what you see in a particular photograph doesn't PROVE it's been faked. If you can cite evidence, perhaps an expert opinion, that a photo has been faked or altered, then by all means present that evidence. But to simply dismiss a photograph because it shows something you don't agree with, that's not evidence; that's not proof.

And then there's the disrespectful tone of some of the posts. Larry Hancock and Pat Speer are definitely not the village idiots. They've likely spent more hours studying the JFK assassination, from many different angles, than 99% of other researchers. Folks here don't ask that you always agree with them; this wouldn't be a forum if there wasn't room for disagreement. But we can disagree without treating others rudely, and I believe that's a part of the Terms of Usage of the Education Forum.

And that's likely a big part of why the other thread was locked. A "time-out," as it were. To give the participants on the thread a chance to take a breather, and to refer back to the behavior standards of the Education Forum.

Edited by Mark Knight
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Perhaps the other open thread is Oswald leaving the TSBD.

Yes, Paul, I was looking for an old post of mine which included some film footage of Lovelady several minutes after the assassination, in front of the TSBD, smoking a cigarette and exhaling through his mouth, thereby distorting his face , and I remembered that that particular clip also gave us a glimpse of Lovelady's t-shirt under his unbuttoned outer shirt.

I'm still looking for it (LOL).

While looking for it I stumbled across the old post by Sean Murphy in the "Oswald Leaving TSBD?" thread which included two film captures from the Wiegman and the Couch films which I now believe might show Lovelady standing on one of the top steps near the middle hand railing both during and immediately after the assassination, and, not being able to transfer Sean's old post to Robert Mady's "Secret Service" thread, I thought I would simply "bump" Sean's post and bring these things to Robert Mady's attention.

Ironically, if I'm correct that "barrel-chested, bald-foreheaded Lovelady" was captured in the Couch film standing on the steps immediately after the assassination, that would shoot down my prior assertion that at that time Shelley and Lovelady were walking down the Elm Street Extension towards the parking lot / railway yard!

I am willing to be educated by others, to educate others, and as in this case, to educate myself (with the help of others) and to share my findings and (tentative) beliefs.

After all, isn't that what "education" is all about?


--Tommy :sun

Edited by Thomas Graves
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Quote from Tommy:

"I am willing to be educated by others, to educate others, and as in this case, to educate myself (with the help of others) and to share my findings and (tentative) beliefs.

After all, isn't that what "education" is all about?"

Yes, Tommy, that is what it is all about and thanks for articulating this. I am constantly learning new information because members such as you, Larry Hancock, Pat Speer and others who done the in-depth research write about what they have learned. I have never held myself out as an expert on the topic and appreciate the valuable work by others in this area.

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