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Part 1 of 3 examining the Mexico-Dallas travel evidence

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So basically:

Why did the FBI stay with a fraudulent FRONTERA bus manifest until Mid-March 1964 and then drop it as if it never existed?

What did the Mystery Photos have to do with the timing of this travel?

What is wrong with the existing Del Norte bus evidence?

- Part 2 will delve a bit deeper into the FBI's Evidence from the witnesses they were able to find from the records who were on these buses to see if they saw Oswald

(again, they could find scores of people with the existing bus records to ask, they just could not find Oswald's evidence)

To reiterate, it is my theory that the MEN the evidence describes as Oswald traveling was a composite of people and fraudulent evidence... that the man at the Hotel was not the man on either the bus or the embassies/consulates.. and that other than the Sept 27th visit, I don't think an Oswald was seen by Duran. Finally, Alvarado was most definitely a CIA asset

The following gives a bit of credibility to the notion that our Oswald was NEVER in Mexico - at least not officially - from 1959 on


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I believe as well Oswald (Marina's husband) did not go to Mexico.

Do you think Sylvia Odio's story of meeting Oswald is believable?

What do you think Oswald was doing during the time of his supposed trip to Mexico? Looking for work in Alice, Texas?


As I've been digging into this for about 6 months now there are a few things which emerge as turths which are difficult to counter:

The man Ruby killed was at Odio's on Sept 27th with two Cubans. Which side of the fence he was playing at that time (or whether he was being played) is unknown.

Not only does Odio ID him but so does her sister as well as there being corroboration of the visit prior to the assassination. and Finally, the way the WCR treats her and her story

(never believe anything until it's officially denied)

Her WC interview was in mid July 1964 while the FBI reports, CE3147 & 3148 are dated September 1964. The report itself was finished and delivered on September 24, 1964. Ms. Odio’s story is summarized on p.321-322 followed by the declaration that since OSWALD was traveling on a bus to Mexico at the time he could NOT have been at Odio’s home in Dallas at the same time and it has been developed “that he was not in Dallas any time between the beginning of September and October 3, 1963”. Until the Hearings and Exhibits were published, this was the only mention of Sylvia Odio, 2 Cubans and Leon Oswald.

In essence – because he couldn’t have met Odio since he was on a bus to Mexico, he didn’t. The Evidence IS and will always remain, the Conspiracy.

He traveled from New Orleans, thru Austin, then up to Dallas. He stopped in Austin at the State Selective Service HQ and at a cafe where he was remembered.

When shown a photo of HARVEY, both Ronnie Dugger and Mrs. Stella Norman claim the person they met was “identical with Oswald”.

There does not appear to be any evidence related to what HARVEY was doing in Dallas between Sept 26th and Oct 4th when a long-distance call is reported by ?? (Ruth/Marina) from Oct 4th - Dallas to Irving.

Since "Oswald" was going to be incriminated and impersonated driving to Mexico with a car full of co-conspirators (per the Phase 1 "blame the Commies" plan), Harvey needed to be kept our of the way.

I wish I had some info but I believe the FBI went out of the way not to find anything on Harvey in Dallas while an "Oswald" who we all now know was not Oswald, was leaving breadcrumbs in Mexico.

http://jfklancer.com/Page1.html If you haven't you might read this... although you asking about Alice leads me to believe you already have.... From what I can tell, those sightings are either during the Mexico visit or on the drive back and was most probably LEE with a faux family in tow.

I know it's a long bit of reading yet if you start with Part one on the Trip to Mexico at CTKA I hope I build a case and compelling story for the thesis...


Take care


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David, you write:

"The man Ruby killed was at Odio's on Sept 27th with two Cubans. Which side of the fence he was playing at that time (or whether he was being played) is unknown. "

What makes you believe Oswald (Harvey) was at Sylvia Odio's on 27 Sep 1963?

A Number of things Jon.

Please read her testimony taken on July 22, 1964.... http://jfkassassination.net/russ/testimony/odio.htm

Both she and her sister identified the man, not just her, and they are positive... not kinda or sorta or almost, but identified.

She tells the story a number of times before the assassination - never changing the story

She searched out no fame or notariety and in fact avoided it and was scared and disappointed by the way she was treated

The government went out of their way to discredit her and tried to substitute three other men who all contradicted this conclusion. But they waited until 9/23 to file this report and then did not change anything within the WCR.


Harvey Oswald was not found to be on any public transportation out of New Orleans... the 12:20pm bus he supposedly left on only fits the timing and that too was not discovered until Mid Sept - I show how the FBI backdates this information to Dec 1963 and then uses it as his mode of transportation... He was seen in Austin on the 25th or 26th with proof and no record of how he got there.

Do you suppose if our Harvey was actually in Mexico we'd not be thrilled to have a photo of him?


Bottom line Jon is that he was not in Mexico City or traveling to or from... He is seen and ID'd at Odio's and then again in Dallas, down the street from the SS and FBI at the YMCA on Ervay yet again, there is nothing in the public sector to get him from Mexico to Dallas... If he was not in Mexico during that time and postiviely identified by two people at Odio's while the WCR and evidence does all it can to discredit this ID by summing up with the evidence presented with, "the Commission concluded" since he could not be in two places at once... At least that's what the WCR tried to say.

In the first and 2nd essays on Mexico I show LEE in Dallas with Ruby et al, the entire time Harvey is in New Orleans.. Authentic and corroborated evidence places Harvey in Dallas on the 27th... from then to the 4th of Oct is a mystery.

One thing for sure though... the CIA and FBI conclude the following within a few days of the assassination and with the full support and assistence of assets within the record keeping portion of the country... RussHolmes104-10434-10093NOVEMBER27-Reco

Unless he was snuck into Mexico (which documents show was easily accomplished)


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Given the posts of yours that I've seen and read - the careful way in which you word your responses and the intelliectual analysis/questioning you offer ...

You have benefitted this entire Forum immensely.

It truly says something, at least in my eyes, when an explanation makes sense to you...

A round about way of waying thanks for sure... yet thanks none-the-less


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