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Walker's Ruby Threat.

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Sorry it took so long to get back to you.

The four years that Walker attended West Point were the same four years that Taylor was an instructor there. Walker's career in many ways followed Taylor's. When I interviewed one particular member of the FSSF from WWII he mentioned that Taylor would visit Walker while they were in Italy and he believed them to be old friends. According to a web site detailing Taylor's career he had four crisis as Chief of Staff of the Army. Two of them (first Straits of Taiwan Crisis and Little Rock) Taylor chose Walker to handle. Also at the end of the Korean War Taylor would put Walker in charge of the prisoner exchange. Etc., etc.

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Thanks Jim. I reread your first post on General Taylor from 2004 and the resulting thread, which was interesting. Harry Dean chimed in on General Walker but didn't steer the thread in the direction of Walker masterminding the JFK assassination. Others pointed out that Taylor kept to himself and didn't fraternize with the boys. Most interesting was Simkin pointing out that Taylor and McCloy, and William Harvey and his gang - David Morales, Shackley - were all stationed in Berlin in 1951.

It is interesting that this General, trusted by the Kennedy clan, was operationally close with Edwin Walker. Reading about Taylor doesn't reveal much about his personal beliefs, but it does suggest that he had strong convictions about fighting Communism, and that he was not someone who would hesitate to take decisive action when called for or called upon.

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