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What happens when an irresistible force meets an unmovable object? Well, it depends.


The red arrow is the resultant vector. Accountants will recognize it as the bottom line. It is the final result after all the affecting forces are added.

The simplest case is Case 2. A person is shot in the abdomen. The absence of vector denotes that the subject did not move. Imagine a red arrow of length 0 and therefore the angle is undefined.

Due to the presence of a hard cranium, most shots in the head belong to Case No. 1. See five examples here in all their gory glory:


This case is equivalent to a person being hit by a bus. The poor sap flies away in the same direction as the bus. Notice how the bullet and the vector combine their strengths.

Case 3 is a toughie. For starters:

(•) Is is extremely rare.

(•) It is extremely weak (notice the tiny red vector). Think salmons swimming upstream.

(•) It depends on an enclosed chamber in order to prosper.

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(•) The Jet Effect depends on an enclosing chamber in order to prosper.

Enclosing chamber: Something like the pressure cookers used in the Boston Marathon tragedy.

An enclosing chamber accepts 2 tiny holes, at the most.

Do you folks know one case in which there was NO ENCLOSING CHAMBER?

This one:


That explains the head moving nary 1 centimeter: The very first order of business for the bullet was to obliterate the roof of its otherwise cozy home.


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