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Oswald's Raleigh call and the fingerprints of intelligence

Douglas Caddy

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Robert Tosh Plumlee wrote on Facebook today:

LHO was operational and sent to Russia on assignment via ONI . He did attend the Illusionary warfare Program at Nags Head, NC in 1959 and John Hurt was one ONI contact as well as Edward G Siewell of Fourth Army Reserve Dallas Love Field. 5412th Army Intel, I believe, also had dealings with LHO and FBI Jay Hoover as well.

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Maybe I should know this, but what is Plumlee's provable claim to fame? By provable I mean verifiable.

I'm skeptical of the FB post. The second "sentence" is largely incomprehensible. The first sentence is a mere assertion. What's the backing for the proposition ONI sent LHO to Russia? What was Oswald's mission in the USSR? Did Oswald work for ONI for free?

The only ONI operative I've come across was a Naval Intelligence Liaison Officer (NILO) in Viet Nam. He dressed in civilian garb, was an Academy grad, spoke Vietnamese, and operated on his own gathering information of possible use to the U.S. Navy in its inland waterways operations. Came across him late one October afternoon in 1971 at a MACV O-club just prior to a daily CIA briefing. Oswald couldn't have had this NILO's training. I'll grant merely that Marina said she thought Oswald was a native Russian speaker from the Baltic region.

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mr tidd seems kinda quiet since, doesn't he... :)

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I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that Lee Oswald had a connection to either John Hurt, or to Raleigh NC, but quite aside from that, “JOHN HURT, RALEIGH NC” is an intentionally created and informative puzzle.

First we can look at the puzzle maker’s name: “RICHARD CASE NAGELL”, which anagrams to:


And “RICHARD CASE NAGELL” also anagrams to:

“LEE’S ‘RR’ ‘C-276...’. DIAL ‘A N”

(we translated some letters to numbers using the device in the footnote)

“RR” stands for “Ringer Rod”, and when we “DIAL” the letters “A N” on the telephone, we are dialing the numbers “2 6”. In the process, we loose our instruction, “DIAL”, and we are left with this:

“LEE’S ‘RR’ ‘C-2766. C”

The "C" at the end stands for "Case", and now back to “JOHN HURT, RALEIGH NC”

From merely puzzling out the name, “JOHN HURT”, we are told to make a 17-letter puzzle - the explanation of this is a little long and drawn out and I’ll deal with it in another post. But here's an easy clue to the intended size of the "JOHN HURT" puzzle: Earlier, we saw that "Richard Case Nagell" anagrammed to “R’S DECAL: A RALEIGH NC”. The letter "R" translates to the number "17" and a slight rearrangement yields this anagram: "RALEIGH NC'S DECAL: A '17'". And this is a common method for ICO to reveal the size of one of their puzzles. Lee Oswald’s late-night actions in jail gave us this 17-letter puzzle:


There are several instructive 17-letter anagrams of this, and I will present three. “JOHN HURT, RALEIGH NC” anagrams to:


“R” stands for “Richard”, “J.H.” stands for “J Hoover”, and if you are unfamiliar with the word “TURIN”, it was the place in Italy where the Carcano rifle was invented, and I’ve talked more about this in posts #10 and #11 at the link below. Richard did "Change" J Hoover's "Turin", J Hoover's Carcano. Richard created/modified another Carcano and put his own personal serial number on what he called a "Ringer Rod", C-2766", a serial number that did not match Hoover's carefully laid paper trail.


“JOHN HURT, RALEIGH NC” anagrams to:


J Hoover’s “RR UNIT” is C-2766, and we are being told to “CHANGE” something in our “17”-letter puzzle.

“JOHN HURT, RALEIGH NC” anagrams to:


“JH” is “J Hoover”, “HLH” is “H L Hunt”, and once again we are being told to use the telephone on the letters, “OURNA”. This yields the number, “68762”. In the process, we loose the instruction, “RING”, and translating just the “8” to the letter “I”, we now make this anagram:

“C-2766, J.E.H. HIT. L.H.”

There are several puzzles inside “JOHN HURT, RALEIGH NC” and this, I submit, was one of them. If you are willing to puzzle out what Richard Case Nagell and his "ICO" crew created for us to find, you just might understand at least half of the Kennedy assassination mysteries.

"ICO" stands for "Igor", "Case", and, "Oswald".


Footnote - Letter/Number translation device:


Edited by Tom Hume
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mr tidd seems kinda quiet since, doesn't he... :)

Ah. wasn't aware of that. Ironic, since i was laughing at his silence to Mr Caddy's reference to Mr Plumlee's credentials after Tidd had the audacity to question them.

oh well. he did like to argue a lot.

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