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  1. There's a fundamental philosophy associated with the term 'Nazi' - old German sort, or "new American sort" - just as there is with the word "Socialist." Fundamentally - and more importantly philosophically - a thing is either 'socialist,' or it's not. Something is either 'Naziist,' or it's not. So it matters none to me "which" type of Nazi may or may not have been connected to Jack's death. Whoever was connected is a much worse sort of person than any Nazi. They're all effin' slugs, less than human, less than slugs, even. Nazi, Bircher, Oil Magnate, CIA, Vice President, whichever was involved in the assassination = they're all P'sOS. That wasn't my concern in the grand scheme of things, and my original comment wasn't about Nazi collusion - it was that there were powerful US Americans (i.e., Prescott Bush, et al) who were well associated with the Nazis that far back - long before the JFK Assassination. I joined the US Navy in 1983 because I was proud of my country (I am now more than ever) and because there existed 'entities' like Nazi Germany. (Also because I had no real baseball prowess, but that's another story.) To look back on what I put into my Navy 'career' and to now discover that there were "americans" who colluded, albeit financially, with the Nazis - EFFIN' BREAKS MY HEART. That was my point. It is notable that those of us who have studied this murder are the few who understand that agencies like the DNC, DOJ - and the FBI - are among the snakes in the grass - while we are today learning that little has changed, as memos are being leaked and text messages being "lost" which would indict such agencies as the snakes that they were - and are. "We" are little surprised (and still distraught) about hearing such things that we've heard these past few days, because we've known of the ugly legacy of the FBI - unknown to the common man - since FDR (or before, probably). Not surprised, and still saddened, that this xxxx continues. So I could really care less about what type of Nazi, or Bircher, or Oilman, was involved on killing John F Kennedy. I only care which snakes were in the grass.
  2. So in essence this whole post is about Tommy Graves' inadequacies and opinions contrary to yours, and very little more...? EDIT This was meant to in response to Paul's post, not Joe's. Tommy, none. Just emphasising Paul's neg. response...
  3. the link to the entire Rambler 'article' (it's very long), replete with all I know about Gisevius, is at the beginning of the post.
  4. From the Vault: Low-Voltage Weight Loss on Main Street — 1921 by Paula Bosse Recline in a special electric chair and watch the pounds melt away! ---- Ya'll really oughta subscribe to Paula's daily Flashback Dallas newsletter. Some really great stuff, and ... who knows...?
  5. I was thinking it was Peter Falk and Alan Arkin. After all, it turned out Falk WAS CIA... (The In-Laws - if you haven't, it's an absolute must see)
  6. I'd be more inclined to believe Lee Harvey Oswald shot Kennedy with three shots from the east window of the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository building... I'd be more inclined to believe that Lee Harvey Oswald "was killed himself a few weeks later." I'd be inclined to say that there's no need to legitimize such a theory with legitimate questions. No offense, Denny.
  7. Of all the theories I've encountered in my many years of studying the JFK assassination, this is certainly one of them.
  8. In Mark's Last Word he points to the CIA's somewhat successful attempts to stifle the publication of his first books and that he was only able to get initial publications in Russia. For some reason, but I don't remember the details. For what it's worth.
  9. all well and good, but Prescott Bush was "convicted" by Congress of colluding with the Nazis well before they were "vanquished." That's what stresses me. I don't blame the CIA of using Gehlen after the war. Makes sense to me. After all, FDR used Lucky Luciano, as brokered by Meyer Lansky, during the war. So... But I was speaking of Hans Gisevius, not R Gehlen.
  10. Roger that, Roger. I know who Gehlen was, brought over by the Fed Govt due to his spies in Germany. This is from Richard Bartholomew's Possible Discovery of an Automobile Used in the JFK Conspiracy (1996...?) (these are excerpts - it's a very long article, and in fact has been published into a small paperback I've just noticed on Amazon... ): Toward the end of May, 1943, Mary Bancroft was asked by Allen Dulles to translate a book on the Third Reich by Hans Bernd Gisevius, a member of the Canaris organization -- the Abwehr -- stationed under the diplomatic cover of vice- consul at the German consulate in Zurich. His book was about the July 20 plot against Hitler, being coordinated by Admiral Canaris' subordinate, Colonel Hans Oster. M.B. reported: "I told Allen it all made sense to me. Difficult as it might be to believe, the conspirators actually hoped that if they got rid of Hitler they would be able to take over the whole country and to negotiate peace with the Anglo-Americans. Their hopes went even further: They envisaged the western Allies joining them in a crusade against Russia -- and communism. Gisevius had been sent to Switzerland to get in touch with the western Allies. Other emissaries were making similar contacts in Sweden and elsewhere." In early July, 1944, Gisevius left for Germany to prepare for the coup. M.B. and Mary Jane left for Ascona for six weeks. Gisevius' friend and Abwehr colleague, Eddie Waetjen, also attached to the German consulate in Zurich, also spent the summer in Ascona with his family. On July 20, the coup failed. M.B. and Mary Jane returned to Zurich on September 1, 1944. Jean spent the summer traveling. In late January, 1945, Gisevius returned to Zurich and eventually moved to a rented house on Lake Geneva. In the weeks preceding July 20, Gisevius had been constantly on the move between Basel, Bern, Geneva, the Grisons, and Zurich. On July 13, Gisevius met with General Beck who wanted to put the whole plan down on paper.... By July 23 Gisevius had managed to find a hiding place where he waited for Dulles to smuggle false papers to him. On January 20, 1945 the papers mysteriously appeared at the house where he was staying. "The papers included a special pass and a letter from Gestapo headquarters signed by Himmler (a perfect forgery), instructing all government officials to assist said Hoffman [his new identity] on an important secret mission to Switzerland." Still, he was lucky to make it back. After analyzing Gisevius, Carl Jung told Mary Bancroft (they were friends), "`Of course, he still has rather grandiose ideas, and if he goes to the United States, he might attach himself to some current of power there that would permit him to realize at least some of them.'" Prior to this comment, the only contact Bancroft had established between Gisevius and the United States was with Dulles through Bancroft herself. Did Gisevius wish to continue his work in anti- communist assassination plots? As we shall see, Gisevius did go to the U.S. He "spent some time in Texas, then returned to Germany...." In early summer 1952, M.B. and Mary Jane "again returned to the States, and she and Horace Taft announced their engagement at the Republican Convention in Chicago, where Horace's father, Senator Robert A. Taft, was contending with General Dwight D. Eisenhower for the presidential nomination. Mary Jane and Horace were married that September in Washington, where we made our headquarters with Clover [Allen's wife] and Allen. Sherwin [Jr.] could not make the wedding because by then he was a lieutenant in the United States Navy serving off Korea. Clover and Allen's son was also in Korea serving as an officer in the US marines." In the fall of 1953, M.B. moved back to the States permanently and Sherwin, Jr. started working for Time magazine. Of particular interest, Bancroft reveals that "Gisevius married his Fräulein Braut, spent some time in Texas, then returned to Germany where he published several more books; he finally settled on the Lake of Geneva near Vevey. We kept in touch until his death in 1974." Researcher Bruce Campbell Adamson discovered that, by 1953, Hans Gisevius was working for Dresser Industries, a Dallas-based oil equipment company. Adamson's research, for a book he is writing about George de Mohrenschildt, revealed that Dresser's long-time chairman of the board, Henry Neil Mallon and newly appointed CIA Director Allen Dulles were mutual friends of Gisevius. [END EXCERPTS] As best I can remember, G. de Mohrenschildt was on Dresser's board along with several other notables. Prescott Bush and his sons were connected. Also the creator and director was some dude whose memory also escapes me, an Army Intel guy, and very wrapped up in all this ugliness. But WAIT - there's MORE...
  11. And to think the rest of us actually thought we knew what we were talking about. Thank God it's finally solved. Paul Trejo, sorry buddy. I'm as let down as you are. Seriously: Interestingly enough, one of the more distressing elements of this entire thing to me has been the many different tentacles that reach to Nazi Germany, including GHWBush's dad, Allen Dulles and Mary Bancroft and that German guy (starts with a 'g?', rhymes with nothing - wait - Gesuvius...?) that they helped get over here, and others. This (Nazi Germany) is not an answer I wish to find remotely relevant.
  12. oh. and dude, political correctness is a thing of the past. There's no need to qualify your remarks. I, nor few others, am reading any -phobia into that. That xxxx's done. Let's all move forward. respectfully, gn
  13. yep, i'd read this of Ruby, and of course of Hoover and Ferrie - i've also read it of George Michael and Boy George but refuse to accept it. I have never read of a tanning booth at the Adolphus, but, in keeping with the spirit of cooperation and conjecture with the Lone Nutters, I think that it was actually a hot tub. please forgive my attempts at levity in this thread. I very seriously think Umbrella Man and DCM were intrinsically involved. I don't expend a lot of energy in Dealey - I don't think it's a road that leads to any real answers. I think the answers we all want will be arrived at from the outside circling in rather than from the inside circling outward. As addictive as it is to discuss these things, proof of a second shooter by means of some new bullet trajectory analysis will get is no closer to an answer than we already are. Proof that DCM was __________________________ would do very little better. Proof that Mack Wallace was on the 6th floor would get us nowhere. But I do love talking about it, surely. On the other hand, new revelations into the murder of JD Tippit, connections between Big Oil and CIA and Big Steel and US Army, between Ruby and Chicago and Marcello and Trafficante and John Martino and the guns-for-Cuba ring, and ad infinitum, is a trail with a plausibly definitive answer or two.
  14. It's my premise that the "nasty marks" were simply part of Hoover's and Ferrie's, et al, enjoyment. But again...
  15. Through extensive and sleepless research, I am convinced that DCM had gone straight to Dealey Plaza from a tanning booth located in room 116 of the Adolphus Hotel, wherein it is proposed that J Edgar Hoover and David Ferrie also enjoyed "lying in wait." This photographic comparison, provided by the intrepid David Josephs, is yet more evidence. But I could be wrong.
  16. you're right. convert all my "bi-partisan"s to "non-partisan." my mistake. ta ta
  17. Sorry. "...the Radical Right is a devout supporter of Pres Trump..." is a comprehensive, inclusive and irresponsible statement. Just like "...the Radical Left support selling fetus parts..." would be comprehensive (all inclusive) and irresponsible. It's of course not true and not a responsible statement to make, especially in a forum of people where such topics would most likely to be pretty damn sensitive. That's ALL i was point out. That statement, on its face, is incorrect. And then when Paul got on the soapbox, I commented on partisanship at large within the forum. In my opinion, it doesn't belong, and it almost always turns into personal attack. That's ALL I've said. done with this ridiculous thread. ta ta.
  18. not rigid at all. just vocal. I have no desire to be in a forum which discusses political persuasion, else I'd be a member of one. I joined this forum because some of its members are some of the best on the planet in this field. regretfully, threads in here often deviate toward personal attack and agenda, as noted in the Sticky post at the beginning of the forum. I choose to voice my opinion. Most don't. that's all.
  19. no need for this kinda xxxx here, Paul. useless commentary...
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