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This is about the 3D Open Source Model of Dealey Plaza initiative that was recently born out of the Education Forum.

These are the preliminary discussions:


... and the topic has picked up some steam here:


Therefore, we have 3 forums involved.

Here's the web page:



My immediate objective is to obtain a copy of the TSBD building floor plans, and hopefully, its vicinity.

After spending the better part of a day making calls and sending e-mails to the City of Dallas, The Sixth Floor Museum, etc. - I must have dialed every single phone in the Dallas County Administrative offices - ...

... I finally got a sympathetic ear. A lady promised to go to the bottom of this.

A couple of days later she got back to me:

"Mr. Herrera, your only option will be to go through an Open Records Request [that is how we call the Freedom of Information Act here in Texas]. Send your request to the following fax number."

She was very kind and helpful, but she refused to give me any other name, e-mail or phone number.

Stay tuned ...

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Frankly, I have no reason to believe that the Dallas County will deny this request. They have already provided those plans to the likes of Oliver Stone, the producers of "A Coup in Camelot", Dale Myers, etc.

What really worries me is PBS. Yes, the institution that we have come to respect and cherish, that PBS.

See my e-mail to them here:



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