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The Paines' Participation in the Minox Camera Charade

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The above article is another tour de force by Florida attorney Carol Hewett, the foremost researcher on Ruth and Michael Paine.

When Probe Magazine was trying to get the Paines deposed by the ARRB, it was this article we sent them as the legislative basis for calling them in.

When the ARRB begged off because of money and time (it was near the end), Vince Salandria volunteered to pay their way and Carol send she would put tighter the briefing books.

No go. Jeremy Gunn was gone by then. Pity.

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It's possible, as Carol Hewitt writes, that the Minox camera allegedly found in Oswald's sea bag belonged to Michael Paine. If Michael Paine was taking pictures for the FBI (e.g., pictures of documents or suspected communists) both the FBI and Michael Paine would have wanted to conceal that.

Who knows? Maybe the principal reason Ruth Paine allowed Oswald to store stuff in her garage was to enable her or Michael to store sensitive items in Oswald's stuff.

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This article takes some close reading to really understand. And you cannot read it just once.

See, if what you are stating were the case then there should only be one camera in the NARA. There are two.

This fact blows the whole FBI cover story away.

Secondly, if what you are saying was the case, then Ruth would not have hesitated when Bardwell Odum called her the first time.

Third, if what you are saying was the case, and if Ruth was not lying to Odum, then how could the DPD miss that camera in its search?

As I said, I would have loved to see the Paines questioned on this one. And I would have paid to have been in the room with Jeremy Gunn as prepared by Carol Hewett.

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