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  1. If you read this, I think Kennedy decided to get out of Vietnam before 1963. https://kennedysandking.com/john-f-kennedy-reviews/john-newman-s-jfk-and-vietnam-2017-version Thanks for that info about Bin Laden. I can only study four cases at a time. So I rely on others for that stuff.
  2. No matter how many times i correct these guys, they still stay at it. Did Alec Cockburn fake his death? And to think they published Jeff Morley twice. https://kennedysandking.com/articles/counterpunch-whiffs-again
  3. Another good one. Everyone should read this because there is an interview attached. I had to chuckle about what Oliver says about me. 🙃 Upside down complement. https://thefilmstage.com/oliver-stone-on-revisiting-jfks-assassination-and-the-governments-control-over-media/
  4. Another good one, this time I get mentioned. https://www.indiewire.com/2021/07/oliver-stone-cannes-jfk-revisited-1234652947/
  5. The four hour version, which is titled Destiny Betrayed, goes into that even more. In the cases of Vietnam and Indonesia we have two authors on each, Jamie Galbraith and John Newman, Brad Simpson and Lisa Pease.
  6. Take a look at who this guy is: Dennis Broe’s latest book is Diary of a Digital Plague Year: Coronavirus, Serial TV and the Rise of the Streaming Services. He has taught at the Sorbonne and is currently teaching in the Master’s Program at the École Supérieure de Journalisme. He is an arts critic and correspondent for the British daily Morning Star and for Crime Time, People’s World and Culture Matters, where he is an associate editor.
  7. An excerpt from his review of Cannes, from People's World: Oliver Stone marked another 30-year anniversary in his JFK Revisited: Through the Looking Glass, a documentary sequel to JFK which incorporated additional evidence now unredacted from the Warren Commission and House of Representatives reports giving increased credence to the film’s thesis that JFK was assassinated not by a lone gunman but most likely by CIA and ex-CIA members which after Kennedy’s failure to back the Bay of Pigs Cuba invasion then launched their ultimate dirty tricks operation. Stone described this new research, including Kennedy scholars claiming that Kennedy was actively engaged in a global peace movement and in withdrawing the U.S. from Vietnam, as converting “conspiracy theory” into “conspiracy fact.” Whoopi Goldberg and Stone narrate the first part of the film, and Stone then inserts the clip from JFK where Donald Sutherland as a deep cover “Colonel X” asks who had the motive for killing Kennedy, beginning to point toward the intelligence agency. Sutherland then narrates the second, more involving part of the film which details the CIA’s dissatisfaction toward Kennedy who, having visited Vietnam as the French were losing the country and having seen the U.S. as facing a similar fate, wanted peace as well as a de facto understanding with the just-completed revolution in Algeria, the left-leaning Sukarno in Indonesia, and Egypt’s Nasser, the pan-Arab proponent who was said to have wept for an entire night upon hearing of Kennedy’s death. The film also relates the French President de Gaulle’s confronting Kennedy with his suspicion that the U.S. backed the plot to assassinate him by a right-wing cabal of his generals. To which Kennedy is said to have replied that there are parts of the government he had no control over. Sutherland’s narration of these findings, then, because of the previous clip from Stone’s earlier film, is invested with the fictional authority of Colonel X rather than simply the actor’s voice. A remarkable blending of fact and fiction.
  8. Thanks for all that Gene. It really took the ARRB declassifications to get to all that material. I don't know how anyone can take Billings seriously. If you read Part one of my review of Thompson's book, Billings started playing the concealment game way back in 1967. I would not call what the HSCA did with the magic bullet questionable science. I would call it simple flim flammery. Although Randich and Grant blew up CBLA in 2007, Wallace Milam started seriously questioning it in 1994. Canning was just being silly. I mean they let him pick his own entrance points! What Sprague and Tanenbaum were doing was dangerous. They had to go. Just like Gary Webb, Joe Brown and Jim Garrison.
  9. Eddy: That sequence is just the beginning of our demolition of CE 399. One of my objectives in writing the script was this: From here on in whenever anybody even mentions CE 399 everyone will giggle. And that is what we did. Remember what Mantik says about it being foundational to the HSCA and WC. Well, we will show that there was no foundation to it. It was all lies. Believe me the hole in the rear of Kennedy's head is in there also.
  10. Let us keep our fingers crossed on that David. Ty, if you mean streaming, yes it most likely will be.
  11. I am actually hoping the DVD will have even more than that. I hope it includes some of the full interviews we did. They were really good.
  12. https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=371639580986097&set=pb.100044201750919.-2207520000
  13. Micah, I am only speaking of the 2 hour version. In the four hour one, we go into a lot of the medical evidence.
  14. If you can believe it Paul, that is how it was originally designed. Four chapters: Who, what, how and why. But a big time producer in Europe, who really understands marketing said, you should do two versions: a 2 hour version for one night, and a 4 hour version for four nights. So they are working on the four hour version now. I imagine the DVD will have both plus some of the interviews. What is so cool about this column is that, once you show CE 399 is a hoax, then you can talk about what really happened.
  15. Neat. But I don't think they understand the full meaning of that. https://www.thecrimson.com/article/2021/7/19/jfk-review-cannes/ BTW, the last piece of criticism is because what was shown at Cannes was the two hour version. The four version goes into more depth about the evidence for who we think was involved the why and how it was done. BTW, how did all these people get into Cannes? They must have been at the open screenings that were held the next day.
  16. I especially find Cadigan saying there were no abrasions on the sack to be compelling. You really wonder at times how the Commissioners did not giggle at some of this stuff.
  17. BTW, do you know who Dan Rather used as his medical consultant for the 1975 CBS special? The urologist.
  18. I decided to do a full scale takedown on Chait. God was this bad. But it helps him keep his job. I mean who cares about research and accuracy? How many of you knew that RFK filed charges agains the Sec of Education in Louisiana? Chait didn't. How many of you knew the Kennedys were building a school district from scratch in Virginia since the state would not finacnce Prince Edward, a predominantly African American district. Chait didn't. And on and on. This is what passes for scholarship in the MSM on JFK. https://kennedysandking.com/john-f-kennedy-articles/jonathan-chait-meets-michael-kazin
  19. When I saw the above image, I was really surprised. I consulted with Mili Cranor and she said, "Jim, people like Latimer don't really believe what they are saying. They are really like salesmen." This is from someone who studied the urologist more than anyone.
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