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"JFK and the Unforgivable" by Paul Bleau

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Paul Bleau follows up his look at how historians simply rely on the WC, Bugliosi, Shenon and Posner to mislead students with their textbooks.

He now shows through firsthand testimony from this involved which the AHA code says they should review, and they do not. Testimony from junior counsel, senior counsel, Commissioners, and committee members and chief counsels and eyewitnesses.

These guys will research how many elephants Hannibal used crossing he Alps and how much crap they dumped on their way, but they will not listen to what Richard Russell, DIck Sprague or Bob Tanenbaum or, now Robert Blakey said about the

failings of their procedures.

HInt: Its not in Posner's book.

Part 1 from the WC to the Church Committee:


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This is part 2, and it goes from the HSCA to the ARRB:


A nice oral history and good to have it in one place.

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The quotes by Blakey at the end of Paul's Part 2 are neat.

But someone should tell Bob that his outrage is about 15 years too late.

He should have been that suspicious back then, when it could have down some good.

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