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Article in today's Guardian.

Specter Struggling to Maintain Image

Thursday November 18, 2004 6:46 AM


Associated Press Writer

WASHINGTON (AP) - While pledging to help President Bush promote anti-abortion judges to the federal bench, Sen. Arlen Specter is struggling to maintain his proudly cultivated image as an independent thinker and sometime maverick.

To salvage the Judiciary Committee chairmanship he's in line to get in January, the Pennsylvania Republican has been promising to support anti-abortion nominees even though he favors abortion rights.

Specter's elevation to the panel's chairmanship after 24 years in the Senate was put in doubt two weeks ago when he told reporters that judges who would reverse abortion rights will have a hard time winning confirmation next year.

Leaders of social conservative groups have been unmoved by Specter's subsequent backtracking. They are demanding that Republicans pick a Judiciary Committee chairman who favors overturning the Supreme Court's landmark 1973 Roe v. Wade decision legalizing abortion.

Specter has been picking up support from other GOP senators, including the panel's current chairman, Sen. Orrin Hatch of Utah. Still, he has been forced to bow to the party's right wing, which he has sometimes dismissed in the past.

A flash of his rebellious side surfaced this week when Specter, just after pleading his case to Senate Republicans, snapped one word - "Yes'' - when asked if he will be able to maintain his independence.

"I don't think that he has had to concede any of his positions,'' said fellow moderate Sen. Olympia Snowe, R-Maine, noting that Specter has so far supported all of Bush's nominees.

"He obviously hasn't changed his position with respect to the Roe v. Wade decision, and the way in which he views judges. I mean, it's not a departure from the past in terms of what he intends to do in the future as the potential chair of the Judiciary Committee.''

Specter is expected to issue a statement further promising to fight for the nominations of anti-abortion judges Bush might appoint, including to fill any Supreme Court vacancy.

"I think people are looking to him to provide some assurance,'' said Sen. Jon Kyl, R-Ariz., one of the people who could take over the committee if Specter is passed over.

Sen. Rick Santorum, the Senate's No. 3 Republican, said he supports his fellow Pennsylvanian, but ``I expect him to keep his commitments, to move judges out of committee, and to be an advocate of the president in getting those judges passed.''

Intellectual and prickly, Specter is one of a dwindling breed of moderate Republicans in an increasingly polarized Senate. He routinely joins Democrats to vote on legislation and is alternately known at the Capitol as "Darlin' Arlen'' and "Snarlin' Arlen,'' depending on which side he supports on a particular issue.

At 74, Specter is a survivor of double-bypass heart surgery and a brain tumor removal. He plays squash nearly every day and likes to unwind with a martini or two at night. The son of a Kansas junkyard owner, Specter moved to Philadelphia at 17 to attend the University of Pennsylvania. He established a national legal reputation for developing the single-bullet theory as a Democratic member of the Warren Commission investigating President Kennedy's assassination.

Specter switched parties in 1965 to run as a Republican for Philadelphia district attorney - a race in which he defeated a former mentor. During the Nixon administration, he was once included on a list of 36 possible Supreme Court nominees. He ran for president on an abortion-rights platform in 1995, a bid he abandoned after running out of money in less than a year.

Conservatives have long questioned Specter's credentials. They still fume over his role in 1987 thwarting the Supreme Court nomination of Robert H. Bork. Specter counters that he helped Justice Clarence Thomas make it to the Supreme Court in 1991.

This year, Specter narrowly survived a Republican primary challenge by conservative Rep. Pat Toomey, winning by a mere 17,000 votes of more than 1 million cast. He easily won the general election against Democratic Rep. Joe Hoeffel by siphoning off labor unions and other liberal-leaning groups that have long backed him.

That's precisely what troubles conservative groups who oppose abortion.

Jan LaRue, a lawyer for the conservative Concerned Women for America, voiced outrage that Specter would get the Judiciary Committee chairmanship "despite his insult to the president, his 24-year liberal record, his doublespeak and his core beliefs about judges and the Constitution, which conflict with the president's.''

Shall I invite him to join our forum? Maybe he will run a seminar on the magic bullet theory.

His email is arlen_specter@specter.senate.gov

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Shall I invite him to join our forum? Maybe he will run a seminar on the magic bullet theory.

Sure, let him explain his "Passion for Truth"

But can you lift an elephant?

You should know that last year he declined last minute to debate with Cyril Wrecht., despite having promised to appear.


PS: By the way, John, is it a surprise that Specter is such an ardent Bush supporter?

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I for one was taken back on this for a second, than gave some thought on it.

Maybe I am the only one on this forum that was from PA. Still very close to it and still very involved in that State of the US.

So, I would love to see Arlen Spector on this forum and would love for the opportunity to address some questions to him in a very direct manner.

I would most eager to see what his responses would be.

Please do ask Sen. Spector if he would.

I can assure you I will be highly respectful towards him but do have some very hard and wished to be answered questions to place on him.

Such as,

Why was it at the beginning of young Pres. Bush term was there a very fast change on US Atty. in the eastern part of the state? We went through three of them. Seems odd because that was the timing of my writing into them and upon each letter that to be appointed US Atty. was changed?

Why did the Commissioner of Parks of the state of PA. Mrs. Davidson, tell me on the last week of before sale of property it is to late when it wasn't finalized in the sale to not do anything at this time, just inform them that the property is historical and see what they plan to do? What was gong on there with all of the hidden information that I am VERY SURE he knows of? What was really gong on with that?

Need to ask him why did Ridge turn so red in the face when a rather large sum of money was turned into a foundation in Philadelphia for equipment? That was a sum of one million, and when the camera went on him? I am sure that will cause a pause on response. Can I really say good, that was done?

Why Mr. Spector did you wish to address the Phila. issue on how to handle attorney's addressed to John Ashcroft to see how he would handle the attorneys at the timing of John Ashcroft to be in office and to see how he would handle them but could not address this issue in front of the team that was being for the addressing of issues. I know hidden adjenda, but that still was never put out to the rest of the sentor's on just how John Ashcroft would handle it? So, we are left to hang on that issue.

I am well aware of what that addressing issue did refer too.

It was on the meeting that the attorney's held once a month in Philadelphia on some issues with some cases. Seems like that got issue was more silsenced, in the aftermath of Ashcroft getting into office. IS that what was to be addessed of him to do so? To silence this. The atty. meetings were important on how they can best handle this and help this to work out dealing with Nixon's papers.

How is this in relationship to JFK issues? Very much so. Ask him what is going to happen to what Sen. Leahy holds in his hands (Nixon Compromise papers) and when will this issue be addressed so that they can be handled in the proper manner in which they were intended to be handled and by the orders of Pres. Nixon?

Also to that note:

When this does get turned over now to another Senator who will take charge of the Jud. Com. will this NOW BE PROPERLY HANDLED?

How much is Pres. Bush wishing for this to be NOT to be worked out? Because the Bush's knows full well as to how it will effect the truth of JFK and Watergate hidden facts to come out into the open, for it's total goal is about?

Also Sen. Spector knows about this as well as does Congressman Pitts about those papers that were into the office of former Dist. Atty. Sarciones office? The fact was confirmed by Congrerssman Pitts office, as to the papers being in West Chester, Pa. also by another US Atty in the state of Delaware. (requested by that US atty. NOT to name the name publically and I do hold that as one who will back up on this in the end, if needed be).

Please Sen. Spector do realize that Henry Kissinger was also asked by myself to go to the papers and be a witness to them. I asked him to do this because I felt those papers to be in danger of being destroyed. I do have two witnesses to the fact of their existance. I still wish for those papers to be very much protected because of how much the truth can be made known to the public by their very existance.

From the first letter made known to former Pres. Ford and he placed that letter to the Senators a lot was into scurry into politics and as to whom would be placed into the White House and that being Bush. So, it is with Bush's responsibility to help this to come out and NOT to hinder it. According to what is part into those papers is that not even a Pres. can stop this from taking place. Seems that Bush isn't doing his part and role to honor those papers that was placed with that order upon them.

Nixon in the past had to address his part with Watergate over to US Atty. in Texas and as to the fact that I also had to place to US Atty. of Texas while addressing the US. Atty. of Pa. Never did I ever receieve a response to those papers I forwarded to each PA. Atty. and or to the US Atty. of Texas. The US Atty. of Texas was NOT changed during those addresses, as was to the US Atty's of PA.

I need to ask what his real feelings are about that?

Why was Nixon to the need to address this to Texas? Well, it does address this towards the Dallas Texas area.

Back to another issue dealing with the first DA that handled Nixon's papers was Delduka (spelling the way that the name sounds) he was into addressing my parents on the sale of the property long before it was up for sale and already had buyers for the property without even a notice of reconization of any act for this to take be for sale. It was pushed and it was done personally by the first DA as well as his own son who was into real estate. Both came to my parents and his son continued to harrass my parents over this issue. This is so wrongful in action I can't even begin to express how I feel, on what was done to my parents.

Even a buyer contacting them without looking at the propery and told in demand to my mother to say that the property is sold to me here and now. Again at that time NO FOR SALE was even onto the property and or not with any request of the property to be into any real estate hands at that time. This Sen. Spector is illegal.

Yes, you can't touch that paper attached to the deed, but it is going to come out sooner or later, isn't it Sen. Spector? I for one will NOT let go and will not ignore all of this and I do hope and pray for some civil and calm answers to these questions and to many other searching questions into other papers that do need to be addressed.

Such as,

NARA papers were all be released by Pres. Clinton's orders in 1997 and there is many that are not in the NARA building and there is no reason for them not to be released on the fact that the National Security issues don't effect us to this day. So, why aren't these papers released now? NARA doesn't feel that there is any reason why they can't be turned in as well as I and many on this and other forums do address this.

In 1959 Military records are missing and never even placed into a book as ever being turned into National Records chapter. This is Loas 82nd Airbourn division. White Star Mobile Unit. They did exist and were there not even a trace of evidence is placed onto record of this information about them.

James Files was in that unit and was confirmed by Ltd. Col. Dan Marvin as to them being there and he is fairly certain that James Files was one of them. He was one to oversee that unit, who was in charge of that unit was Col. John Heintges. It has been felt that many in that unit were involved later on in Bay of Pigs as to the assassintion of JFK. This important to note that the cover up then was a plan to make into actions later on upon this outfit. This means total act of will of conspiracy long before JFK was even into office.

Why was Johnson placed with JFK when JFK never wished to work with him into office as Johnson to be vice president and the only way that JFK could run was accept Johnson was posed to him for winning the southern votes?

Last but not least is the fact that Sen. Spector does need to see the picture of myself posted here. Does this picture remind him of something from the way early time of 1974 to 1994. Twenty years. It was me that placed the timing on the picture into Brandywine River Museum. Does this help him to know full well what this was about? It should. Andrew Wyeth, and from what I am told he still keeps an eye onto what I do and what I am into. Yes, I know of the cover up's involved into this project not to mention some of it's cost.

Enron Trinity does that also ring a bell? It should. Why was Bush so happy to say well no one knows what it is about on Trinity?

Yes, Sen. Spector I have grown up now and learned a great deal. I will not stop until justice is served and done.

Do you still have my letter on file, you should? Take another look at it. Reread it.

See what I stated again. Also, my attorney Mr. James Marsh does have the copy to that letter and the proof that you have received that letter some time back.

If you don't have the letter I would be happy to resubmit that letter to you.

There is another issue and this one is recent within the last year. That you have submitted large amount of money to bring this to justice. My question is why haven't you checked to see where that money went to, who it went to and what it really went for? I leave that into your hands NOW to confirm and check those details out because I will state this, it was highly illegal under NO certain terms as to what the cash was used for? I wil not give up and that seems to be the demeanor behind it. Rest assure, that one day Bush will not be in office again, and those charges do need to be addresssed at one time or another. Arrests do need to be done under any conditons. I aim to see that will take place. I advise you look into it and see because if you say, well, I paid the money for this to be handled it is going to go against you. WHY you never looked into it? Why was this done? This issue isn't being mentioned and the reasons why is because of who it was is someone very close to me and that person is very afraid to name it after what was done to her. I know full well what was said to me. I will testify and I will do it myself if I have too. This matter does need to be addressed at the highest level of court hearings. You paid for that to take place so it can be. You alone Sen. Spector well, where is the money who's hands did it go to? Why isn't this placed into full hand of the law. What crimes am I talking about? Why wasn't the DA promting into it.

Also, upon that note. As you know former DA Anthony Sarcione brother was murdered. His hands were tied and could do no justice for his own brothers murder. I helped that to come into the assistance DA hands. Was confirmed by Mr. Marsh that it is now taken care of. Afterwards the murder of Anthone Sarciones brother he didn't help me out with the project that dealt with me as he was supposed to do. What do you have to say towards this issue? It sort of ties in with the paragraph above. Only another issue that one deals with. I am sure you must know something about it. Because in the background was heard "Arlen Spector paid for this. That is your term for the word JUSTICE???? Well, Sen. Spector it is NOT MY TERM FOR IT. Please look into this matter as soon as possible and bring it to Pres. Bush attention also add to it, I will not give up on the highly illegal procedures you call justice.

Thank you,

Nancy J. Eldreth

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