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Dallas Has Now Lost 82 Cases Against Robert Groden

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If Dallas is so out to get Groden, but no license is required to sell books and magazines, why doesn't Dallas pass a city ordinance requiring a license to sell books and magazines?

Of course it would then have to deny Groden a license, which I guess it could do based on the claim that he's a public nuisance at Dealey Plaza. (Which could require a city ordinance against being a public nuisance if there isn't one already.)

How could it back up such a claim? Well, the fact that the city has tried to do something about him at least 82 times suggests that he's obviously a nuisance to somebody.

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I was in Dealey Plaza this past May and met Groden. He no longer puts up the sign that says "Grassy Knoll" (which I agree with the City of Dallas that it is a nuisance and should be taken down), but he's there three days a week selling his magazine and DVD. He is only on a small portion of a pergola and doesn't go up to anyone who doesn't come to him first.

There are actually two other guys who are on the knoll more than him--one with large Zapruder film print outs and another guy who claims he witnessed the shooting from Houston & Elm at age 11 and that he can be seen in the background of the Zapruder film. I think he actually may have been in DP during the shooting, but he pushes some ridiculous story where James Files was the shooter.

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