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I must tell you that I am not a teacher, but do work part time at a local school, and this post is a purely personal request. This site was suggested when I emailed another site for the information. I am sure, as educators you will, if possible be happy to help. The information I am looking for is below, from the original email.

I hope you can help me. Some years ago I read a book which mentioned a relatively obscure politician. My only recollection is his name was Farqueharson (or similar). He may have been either a peer or an mp, but the subject matter, which I believe was in passing, was that some 100 yrs or more before Peel, he had attempted to introduce a police bill into parliament which was virtually indistinguishable from Sir Robert Peels successful bill, as I remember. This attempt did not become law because one of the two houses said that the introduction of a police force would be an infringement of civil liberties. I have spent some considerable time trying to track down information on the politician in question, or at least some reference to his bill, but have not been very successful. I must admit I am not certain of the spelling, and he may even have been an ‘Arquefarson’. (Please forgive my attempt at the spelling.) I would like to research the matter further, purely for personal satisfaction, and would be grateful if you could help with identifying the mp or the rejected bill.

Many thanks in advance.

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I have been able to find out anything about this man from the web. I suspect you have got the name wrong. Next time I am in the university library I will look at the MP Directory for this period to get the exact spelling.

This best source of information on this matter on the web is the official New Scotland Yard website. See their history section.


They invite website visitors to send in questions by email.


If that fails write to:

The Curator

The Crime Museum

New Scotland Yard




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Thanks, John. I think I have the spelling wrong, but I am sure it was 'Farqueharson' or 'Arquefarson' or something similar. My web searches have produced no information either! I have checked my books at home, so think I have probably read about it in passing while reading about a related subject from a library book. I shall try your suggestions, and keep looking. If I come across the answer I will post it for anybody else who may be interested.

paul higgins. [profhig]

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