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CIA action against The Fair Play For Cuba Committee (Castro's Network in the United States) became an international effort

following FBI domestic actions to expose it's subversive intentions. This Castro/Guevara organisation collapsed only with the 

murder of alleged Kennedy assassin  Lee Harvey Oswald because of his connection to Fair Play For Cuba Committee as did

the Castro/Guevara aim for anti-U.S. revolutionary expansion throughout all Latin America. 

 Oswald's murder solved a terrific U.S. foreign and domestic policy problem, beside whatever his other and varied positions

prove to have been?


(by former member Fair Play For Cuba Committee  &  Castro 26 July Movement)

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I'm sorry Harry, please explain how FPCC which was heavily infultrated by FBI - so much so weren't some of the chapters predominantly FBI?

Seems to me it was a way for Castro to keep tabs on the FBI, not the other way around.

Also, Paul Trejo says that you're quoted in Simpich's work as stating it was a Banister Op with Hall and Howard taking Oswald to Mexico...  The secondary evidence claims that Oswald was with a white couple in the car they took to Mexico City and then the FBI goes on this wild goose chase regarding the incorrect names of some white folks who supposedly crossed the border that day... their back story is a bit wonky too...

All the while, who would have been the two people with Oswald at Odio's on the 27th...  Do you know if Oswald was with these two at the shooting range that weekend?


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