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David Talbot on Greg Poulgrain's book "The Incubus of Intervention"

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David Talbot wrote on Facebook yesterday:

Finally reading this important book that presents essential background information on the showdown between JFK and Allen Dulles. It includes more revelations about the long, close ties between Dulles and Lee Harvey Oswald's "babysitter" in Dallas -- George de Mohrenschildt. The de Mohrenschildt family were part of the oil-intelligence nexus personified by Dulles and the Rockefellers.

If the JFK assassination inquiry had not been under the direction of Dulles and John McCloy, ...two pillars of the oil-intelligence world, how important would the de Mohrenschildt connection to Dulles have loomed? Can you imagine what REAL investigators would have made of the fact that the alleged assassin (and in reality the scapegoat for the crime) was being supervised by a globe-trotting spy with close ties to the ex-CIA chief who was fired by President Kennedy and was the president's bitter enemy?

I explore this Dulles-de Mohrenschildt connection in "The Devil's Chessboard" -- but thanks to Australian scholar Greg Poulgrain, we now have a whole new piece of the puzzle. Poulgrain also examines how US policy toward oil-rich Indonesia was another hot flashpoint between Dulles and Kennedy -- along with the better known ones like Cuba, the Congo... and France.

Btw, the French connection, IMHO, was one of my book's important contributions to our understanding of this history. Who knew that Dulles also wanted to take out President Charles de Gaulle? And that de Gaulle was convinced the CIA took out Kennedy.

Conveniently, of course, George de Mohrenschildt was eliminated just as a genuine investigator -- Gaeton Fonzi of the House Select Committee on Assassinations -- came calling on him in 1977. He died of a gunshot wound that authorities concluded was "self-inflicted." These fatal wounds always are in these cases.

To his credit, de Mohrenschildt tried to repent for his role in setting up Oswald, a young man who looked up to the older, sophisticated gentleman as a father figure. Toward the end of his life, de Mohrenschildt wrote a sort of mea culpa memoir, "I Am a Patsy!" -- never published, but available online. You should read it -- it contains some of the best insights into the true Oswald I've ever read. It was included in the final report of the House Assassinations Committee (scroll down to p. 70):


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Bumping this because I just can't understand why it is not being discussed. Lifelong connections between DeMohrenschildt and Allen Dulles? Are not the murders of Dag Hammarskjold and JFK connected? 

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