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The JFK Centennial: Kennedy at 100

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This month, May 29th, would have been the 100th birthday of John F. Kennedy.  Anticipating this, and realizing what a crappy job the MSM would do--with hacks like Jeff Greenfield and Robert Dallek--Kennedysandking.com decided to go  ahead and prepare a four part visual essay on the life and career of President Kennedy.  With all due modesty,I think it came off quite well.  There are many things that even interested parties will learn from this.  Its really something how many progressive programs Kennedy achieved in less than three years in the White House. What makes it all tragic is when one realizes what happened afterward:  Vietnam goes crazy, Watergate, the Church Committee and the Pike Committee.

 At the end we try and nudge the reader to understand it did not all take place in a vacuum.  Anyway, here it is:


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