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 Re; JFK assassination records release 26 October 2017 expectations.


The "New Americanist" scheme 22 November 1963 moved quickly  to

consolidate and hold perpetual power over a bewildered government

and a confused nation.

" Who then can be  tried or convicted when the guilty control, all legal

and moral judgments, and dictate their own version of history".

CROSSTRAILS  1990,  Pg 23 Chap. 2


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President Trump cannot, will not release now or in future any yet hidden intelligence documents

lest in expose the 1963 New Americanist religio/politic coup d' etat that placed he and they into

total perpetual and eternal control of U.S. foreign and domestic  existence.   

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On ‎10‎/‎20‎/‎2017 at 11:39 AM, George Sawtelle said:


I agree. The religious upbringing of the Dulles brothers combined with their anti-communist ideology.  


The following is my opinion:

As you saw, Harry Dean disagrees sharply with this interpretation.  It was not the CIA, according to Harry Dean.  For Harry Dean, it was a RELIGIOUS-POLITICAL combination, that centers in the LDS Church.  This has been and remains the only, solitary point upon with Harry and I have disagreed.

I personally see too little evidence that the LDS is anywhere near the JFK assassination. 

I admit that former LDS President, Ezra Taft Benson, was an outspoken detractor of JFK, and an outspoken advocate of the John Birch Society.   I also admit that the LDS tends to lean to the right, politically.  I also admit that during the 1960's, the various members of the LDS were widely affiliated with rightist groups like the Minutemen in Southern California.

This is insufficient evidence of an LDS takeover of the US Government -- what to speak of the assassination of JFK.  General Walker -- whom I find to be the leader of the Radical Right in Dallas -- was not a member of the LDS.  That's the key for me.

On the positive side, I agree fully and warmly with Harry Dean's EYE-WITNESS account of the events surrounding the JFK assassination -- from his position in Southern California, as follows:

1. Harry Dean was a close, personal friend of Larry Howard (a Mexican-American) and Loran Hall (a Cuban-American).

2.  Harry Dean was a supplier of paramilitary supplies to Howard and Hall in their several cross-country trips to supply Castro Raid groups including Interpen, La Sambra and many others.

3.  Harry Dean knew the "war names" of Howard and Hall.

4.  Harry Dean heard General Walker personally name Lee Harvey Oswald as a patsy in September 1963, in connection with a post-JBS meeting in Southern California, which he attended at the invitation of Gabby Gabaldon.

5.  Harry Dean saw Loran Hall take a wad of money from Radical Rightist Gabby Gabaldon in Southern California, for the express purpose of driving Lee Harvey Oswald to Mexico City.

6.  Harry Dean confirms that the descriptions that Sylvia Odio offered to describe the two Latino men who accompanied Lee Harvey Oswald at her apartment door, match Howard and Hall exactly.  The "war" names that they gave her begin with an "A" and an "L" respectively.

This EYE-WITNESS information is crucial to solving the JFK assassination mystery, IMHO.  I respect Harry Dean immensely for his courage and for his clarity.

As for his LDS theory, however, I cannot follow it, and I believe it is mainly guesswork.

To read Harry's own account in detail, I recommend readers obtain a copy of his manuscript, CROSSTRAILS (1990) which can only be obtained from Harry himself.

--Paul Trejo

Edited by Paul Trejo
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